Ice Fishing


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I was just wondering who here has been ice fishing? the last time I went ice fishing was with my uncle in mid michigan quite a while ago. so obviously I am not a regular ice fisherman... but I had a lot of fun when I went and have no problem with bundling up and having fun in the cold. we caught quite a lot of fish and they were yummy! I might just have to try it again this winter. curious about other's experiences.


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My son and I go ice fishing alot once in awhile my daughter, still have some in frig from last year need to eat. mostly blue gill or crappie, bought a showdown fish finder last year pretty sweat helps catch more that way the kids will keep going, you know how it is if they start to get bored then they what to go home. do some snowmobiling also. we are from the kalamazoo area. lots of lakes and decent trails for snowmobiling.


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I have been fishing the waters of South Carolina for over a decade and have yet to catch one piece of ice. Am I doing something wrong?!?

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