I went to the Calhoun Co meeting anyway...


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Calhoun County Michigan report of 2/5/2009

N so did close to 300 other's and quite a few of us spoke to the commissioners. As the room has a capacity of 200 there were people lined up in the aisles and packed in the hall out side for over 30' from the door.

All this despite the fact that it had been aired on the radio stations that this item had been dropped from the agenda. They had hoped to stem the tide to no avail.

First off the head speaker apologized for this ever making it onto the agenda, and it had been dropped from the amended agenda. That their function was as a budgetary committee and in no way to pass resolutions or law...

Then they opened the floor to comments.....

They were asked multiple time why 12.A (5) had even made it to the agenda and just who had authored it in the first place, they would not respond, but just sat mute.

12.A (5)
"WHEREAS, present levels of gun violence in the United States are far higher than in nations which regulate gun purchase more stringently.

NOW, THEREFORE, the Calhoun County Board of Commissioners support:

(1) The renewal of the ban on sale or purchase of assault weapons (making the ban permanent); and

(2) The enactment of laws at all levels of government to make it harder for those with diminished mental capacity or criminal intent firearms either legally or illegally."

For over 40 minutes person after person took the podium to speak out against such a measure, expressing outrage, logic, reason, and facts, time and time again. Vets, gun shop owner, factory workers, general laborers, teachers, retired, all articulated their displeasure.

Did I speak, how could I keep quiet!!!
I think they took the hint...

Thanks for attending. Wish I had been able to. According to a report from Joel Fulton, there was only one council member who was in favor of it anyway.

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