i was MWAG fighting with his wife at kroger in GEORGIA sun night

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Guilty until proven innocent?

I see people driving cars all day long, how an I know if they have a license? Can I pull over every car and run them?


Unfortunately, in these "modern" and "Oh, so sophisticated and civilized" times, "everyone is a potential enemy until proven differently" is the best approach to long life. LEOs have to assume this even more than your average man on the street. Particularly when general respect for the Law has gone the way of the horse and buggy. (... and why many LEOs, over time, submit to the general "them versus us" mindset when dealing with civvies. I can relate..... having spent the 70's regarded as somewhat like a plague carrier by the average civvie instead of a career military professional.)



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Bad Cop! No doughnut for you!

Douglasville cops are notorious for being a bunch of d!cks. When I lived in Stockbridge, I was going to a client in Hiram. There was a police block at 92/166 and they were just pulling cars over. I was one of them. This is in the middle of the day and there was no apparent reason for the blockage.

Anyway, I was one of the 'lucky ones'. Got the whole drill. Where you going? Where you come from? (wanted to tell 'em "I'm not goin anywhere right now and I came from my Momma" but I thought better of it.) Anyway when he got to the 'have any weapons in the van?' and I answered in the afirmative, you'd have thought I told him I had a nuke in the van. Can you spell surrounded? 5 of them in a hurry. Took about 20 minutes to run all the numbers and all the while I get to stand at the rear of the patrol car with may hands flat on the trunk lid and Billy-Bob standing to my side whith his hand on his Glock.

Never did get a straight answer as to WTF was going on and why me? Never did make it to the client that day.

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