I reload for practice and competition but...

I won't carry reloads for the following reasons:

1.) I've had 1 squib round (no powder) in all my years of reloading. The bullet didn't clear the barrel, so I had to use a wooden dowel rod to knock it out. That would have been really bad in a self defense situation.

2.) I've never had a problem with factory self defense ammo. I did have a dud round once with Winchester white box .40 S&W ammo, but a simple tap-rack-flip fixed the problem.

3.) The factory self defense ammo available on the market today is reliable and effective.

4.) It's kind of a gray area regarding whether or not there would be legal complications. I hate gray areas.

Simple answer is no. It's the same as a factory bullet. Once fired you can only match rifling if there is enough and possibly the type of powder that was used if residue is present.

OH!, contrair!!! Don't you watch CSI's. They can even tell what store you bought it at and pin a date that confirms your intent to kill.:hang3:

Actually todays forensics can tell an awful lot about a lot of things and I think determining that the ammo was reloaded would be an easy one regardless of the type.

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