I received my Crossbreed Supertuck Deluxe

I have been using my Crossbreed supertuck every day since I received it. As a whole I have been quiet pleased with it, but a few weeks ago my rear belt clip broke and my front belt clip now has a crack in it. About 20 minutes ago I emailed Crossbreed to make them aware of the problem. I have already received a response and he said he was aware of the problem and was going to send me out a new set tomorrow. Talk about customer service! Thanks to Crossbreed. :happy:

That is the only issue I was concerned about. I love the comfort of my Crossbreed, but I notice that the clips are definitely not as strong as the C-Tac.

I just purchased a new M&P .45, and with this one I think I am going with the Comp Tac. Much stronger clips and better design in my opinion.

Well, I too have have my fear become a reality.

Yesterday while getting ready to go out the front clip on my Crossbreed broke. I contacted them by email and they are sending out a new set on Monday.

I do really love this rig for the comfort, but they are going to have to do something about beefing up the clips.
That's odd. What on earth are you guys doing to break your clips? I've been wearing my XD-45 Compact 4" in a Super-Tuck for over a year and have never had a problem with the clips.
That's odd. What on earth are you guys doing to break your clips? I've been wearing my XD-45 Compact 4" in a Super-Tuck for over a year and have never had a problem with the clips.

Not doing anything different than any other rig. Put it on and take it off. You do have to take the clips off your belt when removing and when I got the rig I thought they were a little soft compared to hooks on the Comp-Tac stuff.

On the good side, Crossbreed stands behind their product and warranty, and I am extremely pleased with their customer service. They are shipping out a new set of hooks right away. They are a great company.
i just ordered one the other day and saw this thread after. Im glad i made the decision to go with the super tuck
Y'all have convinced me, and I ordered mine two days ago, for my SA XD-40 compact. Can't wait to try it out, but I think I'm going to have to go up one waist size on my jeans. My 34's are already a little tight, guess I'll grab a couple pair of 36's.
I think you have made a good decision. It took me a little while to get used to it, but I feel funny with any other set up on now. You may have to go up a jean size, but considering, it is not all that thick. Wait until you get it before you buy any new jeans. Hope you enjoy it.
Is it possible to just order extra clips to begin with? It would make sense to be ready just in case.
I think I might have resolved my belt clip problem. I broke another set, and of course Mark graciously sent me another set under the warranty. I have been thinking that the problem might be my belt. The clips aren't bent right for my belt. They are under constant tension because the belt is too thick. I heated the clips with a blow drier and reshaped them. It seems to be fitting my belt much better. They are no longer under tension. I'll let you all know how it works out. Still a Great holster.
Well, here it is, November 19th, and I just got my Super Tuck in the mail! Ordered it on the 12th. I expected it to take 3-4 weeks, so I was very surprised when I opened my mailbox this afternoon. And David, you were right - although my pants have always seemed a little tight (I wear a 34, and have a little tiny bit of "excess flab", if ya know what I mean), the holster works very well with all of my jeans. I will probably start wearing a T-shirt, though, tucked in to keep the holster off my skin.

Time to get used to wearing looser, un-tucked shirts. I have a few, and will pick up a few more.
I just looked at the crossbreed web site and noticed that they have changed their clips because of the breakage issue. The detailed photo looks like they are made of metal now...not sure if I am seeing that correctly though.

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One Question
Do the fasteners, that go through the leather, rub on your skin?
David, i've had my crossbreed supertuck for about 6 months now. I ordered the horsehide version. Oil it with something like lexol and wear it. For concealability, it can't be beat. It will conform to your body and be very comfortable. The best thing is that the people at crossbreed holsters are some of the finest people you will ever talk to.

The fasteners are smooth and have never bothered me. I do like to wear a T-shirt between me and the holster, but it is not required.
CrossBreed did start offering metal clips recently. I ordered mine on Black Friday 08, and they didn't have the metal ones then.
OK guys - I have been thinking of buying a "SUPER TUCK DELUXE" in horsehide, so on your recommendation I am getting the plastic fantastic out and placeing an order. I hope it does not end up in the holster drawer. I will be for my Glock 19.

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