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PRMD = People's Republic of Maryland
PRIL = People's Republic of Illinois
PRHI = People's Republic of Hawaii


I say go with the P250, I love mine. Very versatile pistol, with 3 different grip sizes( full, compact , sub compact) in 3 different widths and 4 different calibers. All with the same trigger pull and operation, and ambidextrous. What's not to like. And a Sig for 650 is a steal. JMHO.

Be sure to feel and if possible fire each gun you are thinking of using for your personal protection.

I own both the Bersa Thunder 380 and the Bersa Firestorm 9mm. Love both of them. Never had a problem with either one while on the range. Both work well for concealment due to size and weight.

Good luck.


If you're looking into ammo:

I tried Gold Dot, Glaser Safety and Federal Premium Hydra-Shok hollow points and the Federal Premium is what I ended up sticking with. I liked the concept of the Glaser rounds but no one in my town carries them and I'm not a huge fan of internet ordering every single batch of ammo so I stuck with the Federal Premium. I was very happy to find that their Hydra-Shok comes in regular and low-recoil in several calibers.

I also just double checked and 9mm Federal Premium Hydra-Shok hollow points come in a 124 grain low recoil.

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anybody like the H&K's...if your gonna spend sig money I'd say H&K are a very nice alternative in that price range..definately not knocking the sigs though...very fine weapons


Based on most of the guns you're considering, to some extent, its a bit like choosing between a Mercedes and a Mercedes (given your constraints). Since you are concerned about your small wife handling the weapon, let me throw out another possibility - the FNP-9. If you look over on the thread about "Recoil Spring Strength" you can see what I went through (also small wife). I got her a new FNP-9 last week and we both love it. At the end of the day, you and your wife have to be happy with your choice, so it is up to you - choose wisely unless you have lots of $$ in which case you can buy until you are happy.


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Have your tried a 9mm Beretta PX4 Storm yet. I trust my life to mine. It shot great out of the box. I have no problems with the recoil in one handed (strong or weak side) drills and even my 11 year old daughter can fire it; a very limp wrist forgiving weapon. It holds 17 in the magazine or you can adjust it out to 20 with an attachment. The weapon is light and doesn't give me that heavy feeling after a few hours on my feet. I mostly feed it MagTech ball for practice and Winchester 115 JHP for carry but have feed it other types and only had 3 stove pipes in about a 1,000 rounds. The first time was during the first 100 rounds. The second was my daughters first time firing which prior to this she has only fired a U22 Neos. The third time was a drill when I failed to seat the magazine properly. As I mentioned already, I trust my life with it.


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Well the end of the saga. Thank you everyone for helping and your valued opinions and knowledge. To tell a brief story, I had purchased on line a Sig P250, for a great unbeatable price. Following my confirmation email was the cancellation email. I was told that the Sig did not have an expended casing, and that the company would not ship to R.O.Md. The only weapons that they would ship were Springfield, Smith, and Glock (but to call if I saw something I liked and see if it came with a casing from the manufacture).
So back to the drawing board. I found a company with a new Walther P99 QA, with an expended casing. Good price. As of now, my friendly local FFL holder is faxing his information to confirm and solidify the order. I guess we shall see if it all comes to fruition! So this experience went from learning what new handguns were out there and peoples knowledge of them, to the maze of laws and the stopping of rights in this terrific, but not to free state of Md. (I also learned that I must purchase another lock, besides the one that comes with the weapon an "internal lock" before it can leave the store)
Thanks again everyone. And one more thing, I put in for my carry permit!(out of state, because I could never get one in Md.!)


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I am just wondering. What did you not like about the Glock 26? If it is the grip I know there are Pearce mag extensions PG 2733 that will not make your mr. pinky hang in the air.
I am just curious?

I must agree that the Bersa 380 is a very reasonable, accurate, and small conceal gun. The ammunition is more expensive though.

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