I love USA Carry


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I've been a member for awhile now and I love this site. The weekly shot is pretty awesome. I am also a member of Michigangunowners.com and I posted a message of how informative/entertaining this site is on their forums. I think the combined knowledge of all the gun nuts floating the Internet should be shared. Thanks USA Carry!


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Luke does a great job! Many sites have tooooooo many mods and will spank you in a heart beat. Show me the money.
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Yes, this is an awesome site, Luke does do a great job.... Although I am sure I havent been to all of the "gun" forums/sites.... I can say with no doubts that THIS site is the best I have found....

Rich M

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I have learned SO FREEKIN MUCH from this site and the folks that discuss here.

I have been enlightened many times. Thank You everybody!

The site ROCKS Luke!


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I also enjoy this Forum. I have met, and talked to allot of very Interesting poeple.
I've Gained allot of knowledge.Read allot of Interesting Stories. It seems that most of the Members here are honest.I have only come across a few that I had to second guess.

Luke does a great job allowing us to vent our frustrations, and share our Situations without baby sitting us other sites Ive been too, are way to strict. Thumbs up to


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I'm new here, but I've spent hours reading scores of posts. Great info, great community. Thanks to all!

Tucker's Mom

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Like most of you, I have been a member of some gun forums but I narrowed down to one a few months back. This is the one and I ain't gonna budge. In fact I told my husband to quit sending USCCA his money. It's not worth it anymore. He agreed...better to direct it here than anywhere else to help defray the cost of putting up such an informative site. Thanks, Luke...


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Luke does a great job! Many sites have tooooooo many mods and will spank you in a heart beat. Show me the money.

You got that right, i have been moderated to death in other forums over the past 10 years. Say something against a policy or product of their money providing sponsors, and you are BANNED for ever.


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Great site, I visit almost daily. Not only for the forum, also for the great info on CC in various states, and the articles. I do think all forums need to be moderated, this one seems to be about right. I was a moderator on a forum, you can't believe what gets posted.

Dave Ouimette

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I am pretty new to this sight but in the last couple weeks I have read MANY threads and posts and have to say, there are actually a lot of informative and well thought posts. Most of which have opened my eyes and shed some light on a few different topics. Thanks for a great sight!

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