I love guns


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I have guns because I can. I love guns. I like looking at guns, holding guns, shooting guns, cleaning guns, and talking about guns.
I love the smell of gun oil. I love the smell of gun powder in the morning at a shooting match.
I love looking at fine wood work and engraving on fine firearms.
I love the smoothness of a fine action.
I love the break of a crisp trigger.
I like being around other people that feel the same way that I do about guns and talking about guns with them.
Sometimes in the evenings at home I'll get out one of my guns and just hold it or look at it. Many evenings I practice with my guns because I shoot competitively on the weekends and it is a fun hobby.

Maybe to you I sound like a freak but would any of the above statements sound strange if you replaced the word gun with painting, sculpture, bottle of wine, records, guitars, violins, or anything else that is collected or admired?

I like carrying my gun. I like the weight of it. I like the fact that it is there for me if I need it in a dire situation. I like that no one else knows I have it on me.

My gun only makes me more dangerous to those that would do myself, my family, or any one else in my view harm. It doesn't guarantee my victory but it does increase my chances of survival against an attacker.

This is why I love guns.

Yeah I kind of figured. I had never tried to put down exactly how I felt about my guns before and that's what came out. I posted that on a political forum about gun control that I have been posting on to hone my pro freedom arguments to anti's. You just can't find people to argue that kind of stuff with on here. :biggrin:

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