I know you all have a drawer full of holsters


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For leather holsters I use Galco. For kydex holsters I use Bladetech.


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For leather,i would have to say my bianchi 105 and my shado holster.The kydex would be my uncle mikes.


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I love my MaxCon VI. It is hands down the most comfortable holster I have ever owned. Gary's quality is the unsurpassed.

However for certain rare occasions when I need deep concealment I still use my SmartCarry. While the presentation is not the best it sure beats no gun at all.


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I use the SmartCarry the most, but it's hardly my favorite. It's the one that I'm most confident that I won't be "made" wearing a firearm, which is important for work and some social occasions, but as mentioned before, it's awfully hard to draw from while standing, and as close to impossible while sitting as you can get.

I can't stand IWB holsters anymore. Many years ago that's almost all I wore and never had any major comfort issues with them. The years and the rolls of fat have made that a thing of the past though.

Soooo, my current favorite is one that I just got a couple of weeks ago, a Bianchi "SnapLock" belt holster. My normal carry weapon is a fairly heavy S&W 4563TSW, but I had the SnapLock on for probably 30 of last weekend's 48 hours and had ZERO comfort issues with it. It's very lightweight, but the retention with the mechanical parts is superb, and the release is very easy to become proficient with. Once you are proficient, it's FAST!!

I also have a Bianchi X-15 vertical shoulder rig which will see a lot more use now that it's cooler outside. It's comfortable and very fast on the draw as well.

I just got another Bianchi holster in yesterday that's made to work with my Streamlight TLR-2 light/laser. It's a high-riding belt holster, and as such, gives me the option of carrying with the light attached, as it's just as concealable as any other belt holster. I doubt I'll end up carrying that way very much, but I like having the ability to if I want to.

The last of my faves is an Aker Flatsider paddle holster. Been using that whenever I'm not at work for the last several months, and it's plenty comfortable, has a fast draw and good retention, but it doesn't draw the weapon in as close to my body as my SnapLock, so the Aker is likely to be getting a lot more drawer-time from now on.



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I'm a big fan of the Galco Concealable:
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-or- what's known as "Mexican" carry: No holster, inside-the-pants, especially for the larger .45.

I also like the Fobus line of paddle holsters: Cheap and comfortable and easy to get on and off with a minimum of fuss.

I believe, however, that I'll have to find a very comfortable, very concealable shoulder holster, at least a weak-side draw if not a double. I ride a motorcycle, and if it should ever happen that I have to present while riding, all I have is my left hand...my right hand may have to remain on the throttle. My Lovely Bride refers to me as "Scenario Boy" since I tend to envision every concievable scenario that might occur when making preparations, and this is one of the results of those ruminations. I'd be interested in suggestions from anyone with real-world shoulder-holster experience.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't you from the PRNJ? Certainly you aren't suggesting that you'll be breaking the law by carrying without a permit, are you? The Gestapo (I'm sorry, I meant police) there aren't going to take too kindly to that.:D


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Blade-Tech - IWB (Ultra Concealment) Holster

I carry only with an IWB holster. My reasoning is, Concealability without a jacket or vest, Speed of Draw, Comfort, Weapon Retention.

I don't want to have to dress around the gun. So I want to be able to conceal it totally without needing a jacket or loose clothing.

I have a KAHR - MK40 (.40 S&W), I am from the old school and believe if I carry a hand gun the caliber should start with a "4". I would carry a .45 if I could find one I could conceal without the above mentioned necessity to dress around the gun.

The little Kahr just disappears under only my tucked in shirt. Even my best friends haven't noticed the gun so I am confident my concealment method is adequate. I carry it at 8:00 O'Clock set for the FBI cant. (I am a confirmed Lefty!) If I have both hands available for the draw I can have the little Kahr out and running in less than one second. The Blade-Tech holster stays open and will allow me to reholster my weapon without needing both hands to do it. In the years I have used this holster I have never had a problem with the weapon loosening in or moving from the holster on it's own. While this speed would not put me in the league with Bill Jordan I haven't found anything that is faster for me.

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't you from the PRNJ? Certainly you aren't suggesting that you'll be breaking the law by carrying without a permit, are you?
You are correct in that I do live in New Jersey. However, the law here is that I can legally carry in my own home, as well as at my place of business (assuming a fixed location...not a car) without a permit. I choose to take advantage of those few Liberties as often as I am able, most especially when I have company, as I view it my responsibility to provide for their protection while they are my guests. I have had occasion to confront a lurker with a sidearm, which ended without incident, and I reported the incident to my local police immediately afterward. No problem, as I remained on my own property the whole time. There was an incident here, in my small home town with the teeny, tiny crime statistic, where a neighbor was assaulted by the local "Kwickie Mart" employee. Attacked and hit her with a rock because he "wanted to hug her".

I participate in another board on which I speculated about two things: initiating an "empty holster" protest to draw attention to the irony of the words of the NJ Constitution (see my signature) while denying NJ'sians the tools to enjoy those Rights, and allowing myself to become the Poster Boy for both 2A and NJ Article I [1] by just throwing caution to the wind and carrying anyway, and making it a court battle.

Regrettably, I got no support for the first idea and I just don't have the luxury of being able to bear the struggle . . . alone . . . of the second. And, trust me...here in NJ, I would most definitely find my ass out there all alone!

Anyway, no - I don't carry illegally, but I do legally whenever possible. And I have all the tools I need to do so.

Also, as an aside, I enjoy the privilege of a Florida Non-Res permit which allows me to carry legally in as many as 40 States (although I haven't had a chance to do that yet), and I'll be pursuing a South Carolina permit as soon as I can get down there for a day to take the class.
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