I know you all have a drawer full of holsters


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what's your favorite one? My favorite is my Tucker gunleather cover up. It is meant to be a tuckable but the leather is a little to thick for that. It is very well made. I did break one of the Kydex clips recently, but had no problem replacing it. I also have a Bianchi 100 for my CZ82 that i think is a very nice holster for the price

My favorite must be the Milt Sparks VersaMax-II IWB holster because at last count I have seven of them with three more on order! :rolleyes:
I dont have a single favorite, but have three for three different guns. I can't imagine any holster other than the ones I carry them in being any better or more comfortable I carry mainly in IWB Holsters

Milt Sparks Versa Max 2

Brommeland Max Con V

Tucker Heritage
My favorite so far is my Andrews Leather....Mc Daniels II
I want to try a Versa max before I pay the price and wait the wait
My Bianchi 100 size 12 was in the mail when I got home yesterday. I had ordered it for my Ruger p345. It did not say it would fit this gun, but it did say it would fit a Sig p220. I have heard they are about the same size. It is really tight. I think it will loosen up after time. But, it does seem that it is going to work out fine. I, of course, don't like it as well as my Tucker, but for the price i am quit pleased. It does close up somewhat when the pistol is drawn. The belt clip isn't designed for a very thick belt. It spreads out somewhat on my Acker dress belt, which is not as think as many gun belts. It is very comfortable for a pistol as big as the Ruger is. My grip prints somehwhat, but I all have worn it under is a very thin Tshirt. Again, overall very pleased for the price.

side note, the Fobus kydex magazine holder i bought is not going to work. The floor plate of the magazine presses up against my side and is quite uncomfortable. I have an Uncle Mike's Kydex holder for my pt140pro. It holds slightly away from the body. I think I will try to find one of these for the Ruger
I found an Uncle Mike's kydex magazine holder for my Ruger. I like it much better than the Fobus. It is much more comfortable to me.
I have a couple of Milt Sparks SSII for my 1911 and Commander. Best I have found so far.
I would love to try a VMII before I commited to buy one.
DeSantis Speed Scabbard

I use a DeSantis Speed Scabbard, with the ears removed, on a daily basis sense 1993.
For concealed carry, nothing beats a SmartCarry. However, what you gain in concealability with the SmartCarry you lose in ability to quickly access your weapon. I have found that wearing loose fitting pants without a belt makes accessing my weapon easiest. Two other problems I have with SmartCarry are going to the bathroom (I found a way, but it is nevertheless extremely cumbersome), and drawing while sitting down (I still haven't figured out how to do that). Has anyone else here figured out how to draw from a SmartCarry while in a sitting position?

Fortunately, I only use SmartCarry during the summer when I don't wear as many clothes, and any other time when I have to wear a tucked in shirt. My favorite and most comfortable mode of concealed carry is OWB in a Fobus paddle holster. Nothing beats OWB in an open top holster for concealed carry (Or for open carry, for that matter, as long as there's a retention device of some kind). The only challenge with that is in keeping the weapon from printing. Otherwise, this holster, unlike the SmartCarry, does not interfere with my ability to go to the bathroom, wear a belt, or draw while sitting down.
I'm a big fan of the Galco Concealable:
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-or- what's known as "Mexican" carry: No holster, inside-the-pants, especially for the larger .45.

I also like the Fobus line of paddle holsters: Cheap and comfortable and easy to get on and off with a minimum of fuss.

I believe, however, that I'll have to find a very comfortable, very concealable shoulder holster, at least a weak-side draw if not a double. I ride a motorcycle, and if it should ever happen that I have to present while riding, all I have is my left hand...my right hand may have to remain on the throttle. My Lovely Bride refers to me as "Scenario Boy" since I tend to envision every concievable scenario that might occur when making preparations, and this is one of the results of those ruminations. I'd be interested in suggestions from anyone with real-world shoulder-holster experience.
tattedupboy, I use a Smartcarry if wearing dress clothes. I wear it up fairly high and a little offset to the left( weakside). Kind of under my belt. I could, although difficult, access it in a sitting position. I feel it also helps keep the grip from printing if you can keep it under your belt.

hope this helps,
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tattedupboy, I use a Smartcarry if wearing dress clothes. I wear it up fairly high and a little offset to the left( weakside). Kind of under my belt. I could, although difficult, access it in a sitting position. I feel it also helps keep the grip from printing if you can keep it under your belt.

hope this helps,

That's exactly how I wear mine, which is what makes it somewhat less difficult for me to relieve myself any time the need arises. However, under the belt, while eliminating the print, makes drawing from a sitting position even more difficult, which is why I try to wear my SmartCarry without a belt whenever possible.
My favorite must be the Milt Sparks

Have to align myself with Sgt. Sig here.

For IWB, I prefer the Milt Sparks Watch 6, C-TAC a close second but still second. Then the Galco Sky-Ops or USA (less expensive) but I like the ability to slide the Galcos to different positions as I see fit.

For OWB, De Santis, Gould Goodrich and Galco Combat Masters.
I'm kinda new to CCW, but my favorite holster so far is the MTAC. I tried the CTAC but I didn't like the feel of the kydex on my skin. The MTAC is much more comfortable to me.

For warm weather carry I use a belt rig from high noon or better yet iwb by andrews leather but the most convent is a belt clip makes a box full of holsters.I met to post this on the vet thread but did not. Sounds like a very eclectric group of nets. We must keep a watchfull eye on those who wish to rule us.
I have close to 20 holsters for my 5 handguns and there are only a couple of holsters that I don't use. It all depends on what I am doing and where I am going, wearing what.

I am even getting a new shoulder holster for my birthday. :D

I was sent a Versa Max II for T&E. I put in one and wore it for 17 hours. I also have the tuckable VMI now. That and a Galco shoulder rig is all I use now.

Sold the rest of my holsters on E-bay.
I use a K&D Cochise Defender to carry IWB. Extremely well made holster at a very reasonable price. I like it so much I've got an OWB, Eagle Defender I think it's called, on order from them. I hope the OWB doesn't print too badly.


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