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Anyone on here carry a .22 as a primary or backup weapon?

I'm getting old enough to really feel recoil... my pps 9mm is the softest perceived recoil i ever felt,,,none-the-less, after a box or two at the range, my finger joints, wrists and even elbows become inflamed and very painful....My doctor is an avid shooter,,,and equally as old as I am, and has opted for a bersa T22 which he says runs like a clock with CCI Velocitors. He, as I intend to practice placement to softer vital zones and head, throat and groin shots.
He did try the 32 walther his son has and may also go that route as its got a bit more reliability and punch. The bersa 32 has more handle to hang onto, and goes 10 rounds and a tad longer barrel for more velocity, but, its a bit bigger for CCW ... oh decision s decisions!

Hogwash! If you can place your shots from a .22, it serves as a fine defense weapon!
Yes, you're correct, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the .22 should be the primary choice for personal defense. If that's all one has, it's far better than nothing. If possible, why not go to the range and rent a .25, .32, .380 and 9mm, compare the recoil, and purchase the best man stopper that you can accurately handle and afford?
Back in the 70's and 80's I carried a Hi-Standard .22 Mag derringer as a back-up or 3d gun. I super glued 2 male snaps to the BBL. and set the female ends in my cowboy boot and wellington, or carried it in a pocket. A great gun at contact distances with two quick double action shots and way better than nothing.
If the lethal target is presented, if you have the skill to hit the lethal shot, then caliber is actually irrelavent. A rock and a sling will suffice. A guy named David proved that point a long time ago.
I carry a .25ACP as a back up gun. The .25 doesn't have a whole lot more of an advantage over a .22, really, so yes, I'd feel comfortable carrying a .22 as a back up to my 1911.
I don't know why you'd want to. You can carry more powerful small calibers that are just as small as a little .22. Reference Kel-tec P3AT, Kel-tec P32, Ruger LCP, etc.
Just my opinion, and what I've suggested to many folks, is to shoot a whole bunch of different guns of all sizes both revolver and semi auto in different calibers and choose the one that they can consistently hit what they are aiming at firing rapid fire (because rapid fire is very likely how they will respond to a for real threat), "fits" their hand, "fits" their ability to work the gun itself (rack the slide, reach the controls), "fits" their ability to carry it, and "fits" their finances and ignore what other people say about the caliber. Simply because if a person didn't bring a gun then the caliber of the gun they left at home doesn't matter. And if they brought a gun that they cannot hit what they need to because of excessive recoil... the gun isn't as effective as a gun should be.

And if a person is able to stay on target with a .22 but starts missing COM with a .32 and it only gets worse as the caliber goes up... then the .22 will serve them better since it doesn't matter how big the bullet is if it misses.... but even little bullets do damage when they hit.

My wife carries a .22, sometimes openly, and she can put all 8 (her revolver) or all 10 (her semi auto) right into COM firing just as fast as she can pull the trigger.... while moving. But hand her any other gun(s) in larger calibers and she starts having misses. Clearly being able to put many little bullets where they need to be is better than maybe putting some bigger ones where they need to be and some who knows where because they missed.

Now some folks might say that she just didn't find the right gun in a large caliber because their wife found X gun in X caliber..... and to that I say... wonderful! Your wife found what works for her and I am happy for the both of you. And after trying many different guns in many different calibers my wife found what works for her too. And because she found what works for her she carries one or the other of her guns (occasionally she carries both) every day and everywhere she goes. And that makes ME very happy.
If recoil is an issue I don't recommend the Ruger 380 LCP.
It is great for pocket carry. (I own one) but the recoil is a killer on your hand. It is not a gun to shoot a lot of rounds at the range with. I shoot around 20 rounds everytime I go to the range but after 50 my hand is really shaking/hurting.
Placement is everything no matter the caliber. But I think under a high stress situation, shooting any type of caliber in a tight grouping in center mass proves difficult. In LE studies, many LEOs in a high stress situation used the 'spray and pray' method of returning fire. Due to the stress of defending their own life they couldn't focus and place the shots. SO.....although I practice and try to prepare, not knowing how I would respond in a situation in which I would have to fire/return fire at someone, I tend to carry a big round (.45acp) to ensure that I would be able to stop the threat.
I sometimes carry a Taurus PT22 as a backup. It has the optional wider grips, and fits my hand better than any firearm I have ever held. Very accurate and easy to control. My normal carry is a 357 snubby so I have no problems with recoil, lol

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