I just watched "There goes the neighborhood"


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My wife of course loves every "reality" show they can devise (big brother, biggest loser, and on and on), and I watched most of "there goes the neighborhood" with her tonight. This show is creepy. If you haven't seen it, it has every characteristic of a neighborhood that has either been forcibly relocated or locked down as a result of massive civil unrest, disaster or war. This show seems like propaganda mixed with preparation for the viewer to accept similar conditions in the future. 1. the families are prisoners. There's a big wall around the neighborhood, with cameras, alarms-just like a concentration camp. 2. Interestingly, and for absolutely no sensical reason, the power is shut off, just like in a disaster/war scenario. 3. The families are given things from time to time by their overseers. "Survivor" has an element of camping to it, but "there goes the neighborhood" seems to be pure undiluted preparation for future martial law, neighborhood lockdowns, checkpoints, relocation camps etc.

I've lost track how many propaganda/preparation-for-the-future-type of shows there have been. There was that "Jericho" which was an obvious preparation tool to get viewers USED to the idea of a nuclear attack and subsequent chaos and martial law.

This is why I don't watch TV as a general rule. It's just all one form of propaganda or another. This show tonight though, seemed extra creepy-ESPECIALLY when they had the neighbors rummaging through each other's homes-which was disturbing, and just like the rest of the show, totally unnecessary. So the viewer gets conditioned to expect their home to be violated.

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