I just can't decide!


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For the past 2 months I've decided on 10 different guns and I just can't settle on 1! Unfortunately my budget doesn't allow purchases like guns very often so I need to make this one count! At first I was thinking lcp or tcp to make pocket carry easy, but being a bigger guy those little pocket 380s aren't to fun to shoot and id rather have a 9mm. So I thought kel tec Pf-9, but they are snappy little guns and I'm not sure if it will last as long as I need it too considering I can't purchase guns a lot. So then I thought the new kahr cm9, better quality, yet still gonna be pretty snappy as a single stack 9mm. So what's left, glock 26? I really don't want to get much bigger than that since it will be my cc :/

So, you have around 500 bucks, no gun and need an EDC and concealable, what would you get?!


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Why not a Bersa Thunder 9 or 40 ultra carry pro? Damn good guns and the price is right as well. look them up at Bersa you wont be sorry'

Phillip Gain

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My recommendation for a firearm for ANYONE:

"Purchase the largest caliber handgun with the biggest capacity, that you will feel comfortable carrying on a daily basis."

One thing that I would add to this: If you're thinking about pocket carry, the only firearm I recommend is a hammerless revolver. (Not one with a "bobbed" hammer but one where the hammer mechanism is contained internally.) The biggest advantage of pocket carry is to actually be able to point and shoot from inside the pocket; semi-autos fail to eject and "stovepipe" (jam), while pocket fabric tends to tangle up in the hammers of conventional revolvers. Either situation renders your firearm useless after one shot. And in pocket-carry calibers, you WILL need more than one shot.


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Look at the Ruger LC9. It's hard to beat for the price and the extension plate on the magazine allows you to get all three fingers on the grip.


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Are you set on an Auto? If not why not check out some of the revolvers offered by Charter Arms Company. You can check them out at Gallery of guns.com and you should still have alittle pocket change left over for a good quality holster.


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Great 9mm Carry

I now have five handguns, four of which are compacts or sub-compacts as they're called. I have a Kahr CW40, which I originally had a few problems with, but got them straightened out with a new slide lock spring.

I bought and sold a Glock 27, great gun, just too big for my carry needs.

I have an LCP 380, but too small in the firepower department, nice when I simply must carry something tiny.

Bought and still have a Diamondback DB9, many problems, keeping it, but can't trust it enough for regular carry.

And, my regular carry and the last one I bought is the Kahr CM9. The four or so ounces of extra weight I think made a great difference. At any rate, I compare it with the DB9 in this video.



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Great 9mm Carry

Trying this a second time, as first reply never showed up, so hope not in here twice.

I have owned a Glock 27, too large for my carry needs. Currently own a Kahr CW40, smaller and a good carry, but wanted to drop one more notch to get an even smaller pistol.

Bought a Diamondback DB9, many problems, still have it but don't trust it enough to carry all the time.

Finally got a Kahr CM9, and I'm very happy after 600+ rounds without issues. Small, but I think the extra 4 ounces of weight over the DB9 is good, as it is easier to control and quite accurate. Here's a video of my comparison of the two:



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It's just so amazing how obsessive I've found myself getting over firearms these days and I haven't even purchased one yet! It's been roughly 6 years or so since the dreaded day I had to sell my old semi autos. Thank you everyone for the responses! In a perfect world I'd like a glock 26/7 for my main and a nice revolver for a bug, now I just need to decide what to get first! There's a 26 at the store for 499 but I'd really like to get it down to 450 or so. Then I gotta start saving for the moss 500 for home defense!


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So, you have around 500 bucks, no gun and need an EDC and concealable, what would you get?!
Nobody can decide which gun is more suitable for you except you. Hopefully you're making your decision having handled and fired these weapons and not based on just paper specs and recommendations of others. Certainly you want to solicit advice on whether or not some models may be worth consideration at all, and it would be good to get feedback on long term ownership for your finalists. But as to which particular models might be best suited for you, nobody else can possibly know that because it isn't exactly the same for everybody.

IF you've handled all of the guns and IF you've fired all of them enough to be comfortable with how they feel then it's time to solicit opinions from those who've owned them long term. But if you haven't done those things then you still need to determine if the gun is a good fit for you. Knowing how well it fits others won't help you. My wife has a G26 and I have a G27, which is the same gun in 40 cal. I also used to own a really nice Bersa Thunder 380 CC, which I would categorize as a pocket 380. They all fit me just fine and I love them, but that doesn't mean they'd be a good fit for you. You need to handle the guns you're considering and, hopefully, fire them to determine that. If you can't fire the guns on your list, try to find someone who has fired them and has also fired guns that you have experience with. Then have them make comparisons to give you a common frame of reference. But still go to the gun store or gun show and handle them at the very least.

Always solicit opinions on the quality of guns and what they do well or don't do well, but never let someone else tell you what gun would be good for you. They may guess, and sometimes a guess might be as good as you can get. They may even guess correctly. But other people can never know what gun is best for you. Only you can know that.


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What Phillip said! - That said, the S&W M&P line should definitely be something you should check out. There are a lot of law enforcement agencies going to this weapon. Yes, it is like a glock. Lots of options.


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I'd go with a Glock 27. If you want to stay with the 9m the Keltec PF-9 or PF-11 is a good gun. I have one I wear in ankle holster.


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Ok, so you are looking at concealable guns in a 9mm range, maybe a .40 cal range. I just spent 8 months looking to buy a handgun for the same reason, the same price range, and the same concealability. I initially looked at getting a .40 and then I decided that if I were getting a fullsize handgun I would go that route. Plus, I looked at the cost of ammunition and 9mm is much more cheaper than either .40 or .45. I finally winnowed my choices down to these handguns. All very fine guns and all at a decent price point and all 9mm.

Kahr Cw-9
Kahr CM-9
Kel-tec PF9
Kel-tec PM9
Ruger LC9
Ruger SR9C
Springfield XD9SC
Springfield XD(m)9Compact
Kimber Solo (probably the most expensive of the lot)

I looked at Glocks, but those finger grooves just do not fit my big hands. They look and feel like a fine weapon, but if they don't fit my hand I am not going to even consider them.

Now Beretta has come out with the Beretta Nano. There are probably a few others I didn't even know to look at. Last Saturday I finally made my choice and my purchase. I acquired a NIB Ruger SR9C (black version) for $385 before tax and $416 out the door (not counting ammo, cleaning kit, targets, and ear protection)at a Gun Show.

I finally got to fire it and it had some hiccups. Enough that I might have to send it back to Ruger. I hate that, but one of the reasons I got it was because of the very excellent customer service Ruger has that I have read about in forums like this. Whatever you do, go to a gun store and pick them up. Get a feel for them. Do they balance well in your hand? Does it feel good? When you look through the sights does it look good? If you have the funds, see about renting the guns and test firing them.

So, that's my $.02 worth. Welcome back to the fold so to speak.


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