I got my first .22 handgun!

Ryan H

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I picked up a NIB Ruger Mark III. After reading about them, I would have happily settled on a used one, but I couldn't find any here locally!

I ran about 200 rounds through it the other day and this thing shoots like a dream! It is an extremely overbuilt, beefy .22 handgun to say the least. I really can't imagine anything on this pistol ever breaking. Even being a .22 LR, out of approx. 200 rounds, I didn't experience any malfunction of any kind. It feeds and ejects Remington brass-plated HP's and American Eagle copper plated HP's perfectly. I haven't tried any lead-nosed bullets in it yet, however I'm trying to avoid them. I bought a brick of 500 as "backup" ammo in case .22 decides to go missing like all the other ammo. I don't like scrubbing lead out of bores unless I have to.

Had one of those years ago, loved it. Now I have a Browning Buckmark. w/5 inch bull barrel
So much fun to go out and plink with the 22 isn't it?? Cheap to shoot and good practice. Not to mention accurate as hell! I've actually squirrel hunted with it and bagged my limit in about two hours.
Have you tried the CCI stingers yet? Very hot little round. I think they still sell them at walmart.

Congratulations Ryan! Those Ruger .22 pistols have been around for a long time. They are fine firearms. I need (want) another one (sold my first one..not smart). My family and I love to shoot .22's. Each of us have one..except for me and I have 3 (rank has its privileges). I have a Walther p22 that is finicky in its taste for ammo. My Ruger was not. It ate everything I fed it.

Have a great day!
Congratulations Ryan! I have a Beretta U22 Neos for plinking. I have a complaint here and there about it but nothing that makes me want to sale it off and replace it. Overall it is a joy to fire.
I've had a Ruger MKII target pistol for 20 years. 14 years ago, when I was between my military career and a civilian career, I had to sell some things to make ends meet. The one firearm I couldn't part with was my Ruger MKII.

22's are awesome. I've also got a Ruger 10/22 rifle, a .22lr upper for my AR15 and I'm looking to get the conversion kit for my Sig P229R.

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