I got it today !!


Dead shot!
My license arrived this morning :pleasantry: :man_in_love:

My mom comes banging on my door at 1:00pm saying its here its here [says DPS right on it] I was so happy I actually got outa bed !!
Then I called my wife at work , telling her boss who answered it was a emergency LOL !
I need to get hers sent off Wed after she does her fingerprints at the police station.
It feels so good to put it on in the morning and not have to take it off until I get into bed. . .

It only took like 2 - 2 1/2 months. . . WOW

Everyone who gets theres should post in here , ok?

been waiting 5.5 weeks for mine (CO). I called to check the status of... They said because of the Obama gun buying frenzy, it may take 5-10 weeks LONGER. I sincerely hope mine is mailed before January 20th...

I don't understand these waits. Here in Ohio I applied late on a Friday afternoon and was told by the Sheriff to check with him on Monday morning and that if my credentials were ok and the CCW approved I could pick it up after 9AM. I did. Technically, excluding the weekend, I had to wait about 17 hours.:pleasantry:
They say the turnaround in GA is 10 days, I applied yesterday so we'll wait and see.

I'm a NM resident and that it takes 2-1/2 months scares the daylights out of me, could Santa Fe get any slower?
gogriz91 ---- Can Santa Fe go any slower? YES, of course they can. I suspect the differing systems in other states is partly local sheriff doing a few CCW, as opposed to one state-wide bureaucratic office with a different system and possible more duties. On the other hand, it might be anyone's guess. And dafey - congradulations for taking the time and expense to be in control of your own destiny (well, a little more control). Just be aware of the very considerable responsibility of being armed! Good for your wife too - I feel women are more likely to be a victim than men (not counting the drug culture), and really need that "equalizer". :triniti:
As far as I know theres only one guy doing the CCW in NM. :fie:
But see, I got my birth cert back in like 2 weeks. So that means he opend my package. . . . So I think its the Feds side of it that takes sooo long.
Yes I got my birth certificate back in very short time. The person I communicated with on my CCW is a female named Peggy. Whenever I called to check on it's status or whatever she was the person I was sent to.

Dropped mine off at the SID of NM DPS on Indian School in ABQ on 2/27. Waited while they copied my BC so I could get it right back. Peggy told me the wait time was 90 days. Don't know if that's a standard response or an actual time span. All I can do is wait. Hope walking the paperwork in bought me a little time. :biggrin:

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