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Did you guys know that I.D.P.A.(International Defensive Pistol Association) is a great way to train,compete,
and be put under pressure,for shooting from concealed carry???

It only costs around $35 a year to join,and you can go a few times without being a member,to see if you like it.

And there are clubs all over the U.S.A.

International Defensive Pistol Association

They put you in life like scenarios ,where you draw from concealed carry,to resolve the problem.

How many of you guys have tried this??????

Give it a shot,you will love it.


Steve thanks for the nudge! I have looked at this several times and not followed thru. Sent a email to our local guys to see what it is about.

I like the part about stock equipment! I have far to much into some of the toys let alone start custom building more.

Thanks Harvey
Went out and watch the final 2 relays of a match with 6 scenarios maybe 55 shooters. Can not figure out TPD vs Time and how that relates to score.

I hunt coyotes this time of year so missed the breifings. Will give it a go in April after Coyote season over.

Thanks for the heads up about the sport.
I've been kicking around the idea of trying this for awhile. I think I'll give it a go. Thanks for posting.
I shoot IDPA every once in a while. I prefer USPSA just cuz i think it's much more exciting. IDPA is good practice since you are shooting from concealment, and your supposed to use cover and all that. Oh and you can shoot it as much as you want without being a member, you will just be un-classified and just have to pay the range fees at the club youre shooting at.
Locally we have IDPA matches a few times per month. I plan on going next week to watch. I intend to participate after that. I think it is a great way to train.
I plan on going to my 1st IDPA match in a couple of weeks. I've gone to a USPSA match and seen IPSC. But, I think those two organizations are better off left to the young guns.
The IDPA and USPSA are both great ways to practice and learn by watching others. Sometimes you learn what not to do. My local range hosts them twice a month. 1 weekend its USPSA the last weekend it’s IDPA. No one ever gets worse with practice. The ammo could cost you a lot if you don’t reload. You will meet people better than you and some just starting out. It’s a great way to meet like minded folks. The rules for both are fairly close. IDPA on some stages you have to take cover and shoot from a covered position.. Eliminate targets in a tactical priority with out hitting the friendly targets. Draw your pistol from a concealed carry position (Very good practice if you CC). The stages will very. If you don’t want to compete you can always watch but it’s more fun to shoot. You will learn a lot. :laugh:
I haven't gone yet, but my brother, who got me into shooting, has nothing but praise for it!
The place where my brother went was an indoor shooting range that was set up with targets, which can be as "real life" as an outdoor one, depending on where the BG is.

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