I can't find the introductions forum

Introduction - I'm a newbie!

Hello there, looks like I found a place to post my introduction. Thanks to those who came before for creating it.

I'm new to usa carry, new to self-defensive thinking, preparation, and action, new to everything. I live in South Florida, went to my first ever gun show today (what an experience!!), and being a woman will likely find myself most interested in and active in the women-oriented areas of this forum, although of course I will not limit myself to that.

Anyway, hoping to get to know you all and get some help, share some knowledge (someday, when I have some... that's related to ccw or the 2nd amendment) and just in general have a carry community that I can belong to.

Looking forward to it!


So I guess the thing is the new guys can't find the intro forum so we post here?

(me) Hi I'm a new guy..........

(you guys) Hi new guy!

(me) I've been carrying for about 15 years now.......

(you guys) Wow, thats been a while......

(me) I just finally decided to start doing it right.....

(you guys) GROAN! What the hell took you so long?


Hey I'm trying guys! lol

Here from Florida, I think it's obvious what I do for a living..... :biggrin:
Hi Guys/Gals, I am a newby, live in GA, married, Retired from the US Army, and I have carried forever but the last 5 years I guess you could say, I was LEGAL with my PERMIT!!!!!!!!!! I look forward to hearing new ideas, suggestions, and meeting you good folks on this site. My best to you all. Sarge:pleasantry:
Hello everyone, I couldn't find the introductions either, but looks like I'm in good company. Look forward to some good ideas and information.
Hi John, where do you live in SC? My brother lives in Lexington. I am new here too, but looks like a super web site to get some good info from. Take care and hope to hear from ya soon. Sarge
Hi my namis is Bree and I just joined the forums today...a little about me I am from Michigan and I am currently employed as a Fugitive Recovery Agent with U.S. Bail and Fugitive Enforcement of Minneapolis MN, I realize this profession has a somewhat of a checkered reputation but I work for a solid agency that prides itself in being a pro at all times and we strive to build good working relationships with local, State and Federal agencies to enable us to do our jobs successfully.

I currently work and live in Michigan and handle all of my agency's out of state cases and I just recieved my CCW from Macomb County Gun Board on February 17th, whcih makes doing my job a lot simplier especially while driving, it was a real pain my ass having to lock my gun in the trunk and my ammo in the glove box everytime I had to go anywhere while in the performance of my duties.

Being a woman in this job I hated not having immediate access to my weapon God forbid I was put in a position of having to defend myself in my job, which I hope and pray I never ever must do. In short I just wanted to say hi.
Hi Bree, I am a newby also, but did want to welcome you on the site. Since joining I have not had too much free time to get online but I am later. Wife having medical problems with Lupus and I have to pretty much look after her and my free time is when she lays down to rest and get a little shut eye. Bad disease anyway. But that was not the subject, welcome aboard, I will keep you in my prayers that you never run in to defending yourself alone or at all for that matter, but that is a factor in your profession, SO, just don't let your guard down, know what is all around you at all times, and don't take later regretted chances. I am retired US Army so been there done that. I was in for 23 years. And at this time I would like to say thanks for your service, be safe, and Take care. Sarge in Dallas, Georgia.
Hello from San Antonio, Texas.

Never lived anywhere that guns, and shooting was more accepted than here in San Antonio.

Lucky I grew up in Kansas at a time when a group of boys on bikes, with .22 rifles, headed to the river to shoot, would not result in a police chase!

I visit several of the Internet gun sites to read what is being discussed, and appreciate the many opinions and different views on guns and ammo.

Thank God we are all Americans, and I am just waiting for the USA to wake up from this current nightmare government, and restore the USA I "thought" was our heritage to continue.

San Antonio, Texas
New from SW Iowa. Have had a Non-Professional Permit to Carry for about 30 years, but seldom carry because the law only allows me to carry when the "reason stated on application", is the reason I pack. I will probably join in some conversations eventually, but for awhile will just read and observe. See ya. RODGE
Hi Rodge, same to you, welcome to the site. Can't you change your carry permit, or does IOWA not allow it unless you have a purpose to carry. Take care, Sarge
Hello to all!
I'm John, from Georgia. I moved from NC 7 years ago, where I was active in my shooting. Lived in the country so I could walk out the back door and shoot :~)
I do believe in the 2nd amend. Though as one person said, not all people deserve that right (criminals and such.) I fairly centered in politics, leaning a little right, but understand where some of the left is coming from (whether I agree or not, just understand) I support my country and flag. I have one son in Afghanistan and one of the way. At this point it doesn't matter what I or anyone else feels about the war, I have two sons affected and that's the way it is.
I think I can learn alot from the group. Just received my CCW permit and enjoy going to the range.

Good luck to all and take care.
Hi John, You are from GA and live in NC, I am from NC and live in GA. Where are you in NC? I am living in Dallas, GA if you know where that is.
Just thought I would welcome you to the group. I agree with a lot of what you said. I am retired Army. I will keep your boys in my prayers for sure. Take care buddy and look forward to hearing from ya. Sarge
Hello Sarge45,
I must have written it wrong, which is just like me!:biggrin: I live in GA now, I moved from Fayetteville NC to, guess where?, Fayetteville GA! I haven't been to Dallas but I know sort of where it is. Thanks for the welcome, God Bless You for your service to our country and thanks for the prayers. I will be reading a lot from here, maybe not commenting too much :~)
Take care also!
I'm also new to the site and did not find the introductions forum. I'm an old guy, lots of rifles and revolvers but very little experience with semi-auto pistols. Looking fo advice as to what semi-auto 22 everyone would suggest for target shooting. I have no intention of spending thousands for a race gun, but would consider anything up to about $1000. Thanks for any suggestions you have.

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