I can't be the only one!


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I'll just sit and wait for the other New Mexicans to arrive and discuss the new CCW laws...

Hey Ziggy, welcome on board. There's gotta be more CCW people than 1 down there. Do ya all have a ccw board (like ksccw.com )? I tried to find one but didn't see it.
I know a few people who'v relocated there in the last few years . I'll see what they'r up to and if any carry.
Hey Ziggy, welcome on board. There's gotta be more CCW people than 1 down there. Do ya all have a ccw board (like ksccw.com )? I tried to find one but didn't see it.

Thanks for the welcome! Yes, there must be more than just me...the newspaper just this week had a long article on the upswing in CCW licensing around here, and reported that 45 people have licenses in the two county area the paper serves (we're a small micropolitan area). I know others are internet savvy folks who love to spend time at the range...I'll have to find 'em to tout this board a bit! I hope to see it take off well. There's not an individual board for the state that I'm aware of.
My inlaws live in Carlsbad. My father in law has very poor eye sight so I doubt that he has a permit. He is dangerous enough with a golf club in his hands, I don't even want to think about what kind of mayham he could cause with a firearm!
New Mexicans!

Fantastic! I'm in the Clovis/Portales area in the far east, where do you folks hail from?
Lots of open space to shoot here in New Mexico. Unless, as my wife well knows, you are in the Clovis/Portales greater metropolitan area. We do have a new shootin' range, but sometimes we really wish there was more BLM land nearby.

You think 60 days is bad. I just got my permit a couple of weeks ago, and it took 4 months! It really did! Even with a clean record and a couple check-in emails. Some things are just not top priority in the Land of Enchantment.
I applied for my CCW about 1 1/2 years ago and it took just as long then. NM isn't doing you any favors when it comes to issuing the license quickly.
Armed and invisable!

Hey Ziggy!

Don't feel all alone as there are quite a few people in New Mexico who carry concealed each day. You just can not tell who they are as to the average individual they are invisable, unless trouble arises, then they are not the ones running away in a panic.
Another from Alamogordo. My CCW is taking forever as well. Dont even THINK about it for at least 90 days. Called them and they said 100+ because so many people are applying and there is only two people working on BG checks.

Any of you southern NM'ins shoot IPSD, IDPA, or USPSA?

Another issue about that license...if they run up against anything in your background check that has to be further researched, it takes eternity. There was nothing on mine, and I got my license in 6 weeks, but my husband had an old misdemeanor offense which, if I remember, more than doubled the time while they checked those records. They were pretty friendly when we called once to check on the status.
At least it made checking the mail exciting!
New Mexico

I too am a citizen of New Mexico. I'm in Santa Teresa, just outside of
El Paso.

WWW.handgunlaw.us has a notice that the CCW forms have changed in New Mexico.

I looked, but could not see any difference. Anyone else see the difference?
Albuquerque - must be lots of us here. Calibers' indoor range alone trains 40 people a month (20 per class). Not all apply for CCW licenses, but I imagine
most do. They teach a great course that I would recommend to anyone! :)
Yes, there are more of us

Ziggy - another NM CCW signed up for this site. Hard to find and take part in all of the potential specialty sites, and I just found this one. I signed up partly because of the individual state threads. We do need to have an active NM CCW site, but this one does seem to fit the bill at present. I doubt I will be able to check this one every day, but will try.
Another NM Permit Holder

Hey fellas. Thought I'd say hi really quick. I just found this site after the other one wasn't there anymore. I guess that makes 5 of us. I'll let some of my friends know about this place.

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