I Am Building A 25M Rrange Out Back

Pictures of the new berm/range

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This is after a massive rebuild to ensure that what hits the berm becomes one with the berm!

The top picture is the view at 25M

The Bottom is what you get at 50M

The target pit is 4 ft deep and 10 ft wide sloping out to 20M

This gave me the earth mass along with a bunch of logs and stumps from other landscaping projects to "Enhance" the berm structurally.

The original was dug by hand and took 3 weeks.

My buddy's tractor did the same thing in 2 hrs.

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Now I really cannot wait to finish mine! Funny, mine was actually going to be similair to what you got there, but my buddy (with the excavator) said I needed more of berm and so we ended up taking down more tree's and stacking. Due to the size of the tree's is what made the berm larger. Hope you're going to have your buddy have his way at shooting at HIS shooting area that HE dug (lol!!). Beats digging by hand. I know I got alot of favors I owe to my buddy for digging out mine! You're going to have a blast out there. What are your laws out there for placement of "warning" signs around property?
Oh, and Merry Xmas to everyone (MY way of being PC :dance3:).)
I am building

One time while on a ridealong with he man who would later be my lieutenat, we went to a mobile home somewhere in the desert between Coolidge and Casa Grande, AZ. The guy had a basement, with a two-station pistol range. He used 4 foot culvert pipe, had fluorescent lights and ventilation and trolleys for targets. He explained that he had steel 1/4 inch plate at a forty-five degree angle over a sand pit. i have no idea how he would clean the pit to recover slugs, but it was a great project. I always wanted to do the same thing.
I put one together on my backlot.I live in a rural area.I have neighbors,but I have talked to them and they don't care if I go out and play.I stacked up tires and filled them with sand.
I would say,safety is the first and foremost concern. Then check out the city and county ordinances to see if they prohibit it. Then check with your neighborhood ass. and/or with your closest neighbors to see if it would bother them.

How would that work? Curious w/ the tires having steel belts. I was wondering if there was a chance of a richochet. I have access to a buttload of tires(my uncle owns an automotive repair shop & would LOVE to get rid of them instead of paying to get them hauled off premises) If this actually is a safe venture, then that would give me an ideal situation. How many tires deep did you go? If multiple rows, did you stagger them to prevent pockets? thanks.

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