Hypocrasy in Pictures: Kids in Gaza


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The below pictures shows the difference between what the US media wants you to see in the middle east, vs. what is reality...

We fight to responsibly own a firearm.. It doesn't seem like this is an issue elsewhere..

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Thanks for sharing those powerful reminders.

The "civilized and cultured West" can bury our collective heads in the sand and wish really hard that those who hate us and mean us harm and destruction will embrace us all we want. It simply will never prevent them from hating us.

And Israel.

And freedom.

barrack HUSSEIN obama can negotiate with his people over there all he wants on his own time. In the meantime, America needs to IMPEACH his sorry Kenyan butt and replace him with someone with a clue about defending, protecting and promoting America at home first, and then abroad. IMHO.
You can't negotiate with nor is there a deterrence for people who want to die for their cause. Best thing we can do is help them attain their goal. IMAO.

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