Hussein not too happy...The New Yorker

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I didn't know she had an afro...Obama is not too happy with the new cover of The New Yorker. The cover backfires on the New Yorker showing what they said was a depiction of what Republicans thought about Hussein..
Obama Camp Slams Satirical ‘New Yorker’ Magazine Cover - America’s Election HQ



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there is some hint of truth to one was screaming when bush was depicted as hitler, but i am amazed that a lib rag like the New Yorker would go this far.


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Well, at least you don't see Obama threatening jihad. If this depicted Islam in any way, radical Islamists would be threatening jihad and calling for the murders of the publishers. At least here in America, where there is a modicum of what I like to call civility, any time anyone is depicted in even an extemely humiliating way such as this, the worst response you'll ever see is someone speaking out angrily about it, but certainly not threatening lives.


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This is just a family spat. The New Yorker is a Hitlery rag and they resent the upstart BHO denying their darling the nomination.

As for 'Hussein' being upset--Sidney condemned this today too...

I'll bet ole' Sid was snickering behind the scenes at the Dems arguing amongst themselves though.

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