HR 822 Nationall Right to Carry and the District of Columbia?

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The Bill would allow any person with a valid state-issued concealed carry permit to carry a concealed firearm in any state that issues concealed firearm permits, or that does not prohibit the carrying of concealed firearms. A state's laws governing where concealed firearms may be carried would apply within its borders. The bill also applies to Washington, D.C., Puerto Rico and U.S. territories.

The Bill may apply to Washington, D.C. except for the fact that DC currently does not issue CCPs. In addition I am unsure if DC explicitly prohibits CC, so I'm shaky as to the universal reciprocity extending to DC....Anyone have any input as to how H.R. 822 may play on carrying in the DC metro area?

I would assume that the mention of DC within the bill shows some sort of consideration, will this be up the the DC local Gov? in which case there is no hope for CC in DC.


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The proposed law as I have read it says state. I see no mention of DC, Puerto Rico or any other US Territory. DC certainly is not a state. DC does not issue CCW permits, so the law as written would preclude carry in DC even if they were included as I read this.You'd be fine in MD or VA.

Heller may allow it if they issued permits, as the lawsuit was against DC.


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I really support this act and hope that there is a chance for it to pass. PLEASE WRITE YOUR SEANTORS AND REPRESENTATIVES IN SUPPORT OF H2 822

1. read the bill

Go here and click on text, etc.
Text of H.R.822 as Introduced in House: National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act of 2011 - U.S. Congress - OpenCongress

or see below.

NOTE that the world did not come to an end with LEOSA or the Armored Car act.

2. check out the other postings on the net.
IN particular,
The Shooters Log:

"U.S. House of Representatives members Cliff Stearns (R-FL) and Heath Schuler (D-NC) have a solution. In February 2011 they introduced HR 822, a national right-to-carry reciprocity bill that, if passed, would force every state to recognize the concealed carry rights of visitors with concealed carry permits from their home state. That’s it. No national ID card, no national database of concealed carry permit holders, just the radical yet simple notion that states should recognize each other’s concealed carry permits as they do a driver’s license. Surprisingly, HR 822 has its basis in existing federal law. Due to the Armored Car Reciprocity Act of 1993, every state, including Illinois, currently recognizes the permits carried by employees of Armored Car companies to carry firearms in their vehicles and on their persons. How simple is that?"

Imagine how easy it would be to travel with your weapon if HR 822 passed! No hassles, no worries, you could even make flight connections in New York, Chicago or NJ without risking life in jail. You could actually drive through NY and stop for gas or meals, or even overnight! Wow! Ok, you would still not be able to bring those 'killer dum-dum bullets' into NJ...

Check out the NRA position:
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3. It would give Congress something they could actually do to make our lives better. They need a win here, folks. Their performance thus far is pretty awful.

Write your congressperson by clicking here:
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(a) In General- Chapter 44 of title 18, United States Code, is amended by inserting after section 926C the following:
[h=4]`Sec. 926D. Reciprocity for the carrying of certain concealed firearms[/h]
`(a) Notwithstanding any provision of the law of any State or political subdivision thereof, related to the carrying or transportation of firearms, a person who is not prohibited by Federal law from possessing, transporting, shipping, or receiving a firearm, and who is carrying a government-issued photographic identification document and a valid license or permit which is issued pursuant to the law of a State and which permits the person to carry a concealed firearm, may carry a concealed handgun (other than a machinegun or destructive device) that has been shipped or transported in interstate or foreign commerce, in any State, other than the State of residence of the person, that--

`(1) has a statute that allows residents of the State to obtain licenses or permits to carry concealed firearms; or

`(2) does not prohibit the carrying of concealed firearms by residents of the State for lawful purposes.
`(b) A person carrying a concealed handgun under this section shall be permitted to carry a handgun subject to the same conditions or limitations that apply to residents of the State who have permits issued by the State or are otherwise lawfully allowed to do so by the State.
`(c) In a State that allows the issuing authority for licenses or permits to carry concealed firearms to impose restrictions on the carrying of firearms by individual holders of such licenses or permits, a firearm shall be carried according to the same terms authorized by an unrestricted license or permit issued to a resident of the State.
`(d) Nothing in this section shall be construed to preempt any provision of State law with respect to the issuance of licenses or permits to carry concealed firearms.'.
(b) Clerical Amendment- The table of sections for such chapter is amended by inserting after the item relating to section 926C the following:

`926D. Reciprocity for the carrying of certain concealed firearms.'.
(c) Severability- Notwithstanding any other provision of this Act, if any provision of this section, or any amendment made by this section, or the application of such provision or amendment to any person or circumstance is held to be unconstitutional, this section and amendments made by this section and the application of such provision or amendment to other persons or circumstances shall not be affected thereby.
(d) Effective Date- The amendments made by this section shall take effect 90 days after the date of the enactment of this Act.

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