HR-45 Letter to use


Former Military Police
This concerns HR-45.With all due respect, I am a former Military Police Officer and I oppose this bill for it does nothing but seek to extort money our of us who legally carry and it infringes on our 2nd amendment right. "this right will not be infringed". It is not ethical to penalize legal citizens in an effort to make up for budgetary shortfalls. That is not our fault but yours. If you think that the criminals are going to follow this you are mistaken. If this goes forward then us the legal gun permit owners of this state and this country will file thousands of law suits and seek the removal of all that have instituted this illegal infringement. How can imposing these measures by putting our people in worse economic stress further your cause of helping people? Focus on the real problem, criminal violence don't blame it on gun's. Maybe you should learn first what having a gun is before you pass fear legislation. We who carry train more than police officers. Mandatory training will avail you nothing. Criminals train more than police and it has been proven by the F.B.I. Maybe you aught to have mandatory training for them. All this is, is just another gun control measure and it violates our civil rights. I am ashamed of this government and what it is trying to do to all it's people. It used to be we the people now it is we the government. That sir is tyrannical, prejudice and immoral. Gun owners come in many races here so you are also discriminating against blacks, Hispanics, Asians, gays, and lesbians as well as doctors, lawyers, business people and even clerks. Yes they all are legal and carry a gun for protection and follow the law. The criminals do not. Go after them. Not us.

1.2 - 1.5 million in the military (would refuse to the man to take away weapons and
resign from military)

600,000 State, Local, and Federal Law Enforcement (front liners would be charged with
the illegal confiscation of our firearms. Not a job I am sure they would want)

95,000,000 Gun owners in America and at the present rate of gun sales (semi-auto
rifles as one type{go ahead try to buy an AR-15 or parts right now})will be close to
100,000,000 by December.

It was the primary intent of the Founding fathers to leaves us a tool to rise up
against a tyrannical government that oppresses its citizens. BHO, Pelosi, and Reid
are headed down a road that the consequences of have not been well thought-out.

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