HR 1022 In The Works - Not Good!


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Definitely not good. We can only hope that it gets defeated or at least passed before Bush finishes his current term, so he can veto it. These idiots just won't stop.


God Bless Our Troops!!!
Please Contact Your Congressman

Here is the link from the NRAILA website to contact your elected officials and apply pressure as needed. Remind them that this is an election year and their job is in jeopardy if the do not act to kill this bill. Remind them also that no action on their part is just as damaging as a yes vote and you watch the roll call votes to check up on them. Finally remind them that they work for YOU!:O_O:

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All these assault weapons bans are being sponsored by Rep. Carolyn McCarthy [D-NY]. She is the biggest anti-gun law maker next to Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY). What makes me mad is Schumer has a CCP for NYS.:angry: It seems H.R. 1022 is dead but it's still in committee. Lets hope it never comes out.


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I did write my rep.
I have gotten into the habit of,every time I write to a congressman,I put at the end somethinglike,"I appreciate you remembering me in Washington,and I will equally remember you at the voting booth on election day."
Hopefully that brings things a LITTLE into perspective .

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