How to make us dependent on heroin more than oil!


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We don't need a war to destroy us, with dependence on Arab oil and Muslim 'H', no troops to impose martial law because they are all over in Iraq or fighting the same (now better armed) Talli-Tubbies we are supplying with enough fertilizer and cash they won't come back when the cops lose control, and folks ask me why I want to own a gun. Please explain that I need one to protect myself from my own government's humanitarian efforts to help those poor Afghan sods learn how to become better farmers!

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Make it strong enough and it will cure them. Or even better cut it with gun powder and when they cook it goodby.


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We really do not have a war on drugs in this country. Just a war on freedom and the drugs become a convenient tool to wage it. We just don't want individuals to horn in on our drug running to finance covert operations around the world.


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I agree we have a track record of providing tax payers money to much of the world as well as arms. Iran at one time was our "friend" and much money and arms ended in a country that is now our "enemy". Then Iraq was our "friend" as long as they were fighting Iran. Now we have had to spend billions soon to be trillions fighting our former "friend" now our "enemy". We have the best enemies money can buy.

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