How to become an NRA certified instructor in Erie County?


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Hello all,

I’ve read in multiple threads that a good way of trying to get your restrictions removed is to become an NRA certified instructor. I know Rochester Personal Defense offers some courses...

First of all, is there anyone in the Buffalo area that offers these courses? And also, what is actually required to become an NRA certified instructor?


Hey guys and ladies: I'll toss in my answer as a Certified Training Counselor for the NRA. To become an NRA Pistol Instructor, you have to either have attended the NRA Basic Pistol class, (or you can pass the exam) and demonstrate that you can safely handle a handgun and that you have a working knowledge of both revolvers and semi-autos. You should also be able to demonstrate the basic fundamentals of shooting and be able to hit a specified target at 5-7 yds reliably.

We take care of the rest during the workshop to develop the Knowledge, Skills, and attitude to teach beginning shooters correctly.

We are planning a Pistol Instructor Workshop soon. Email us for details or to be put on the list and we will let you know when it gets set up.

If you want to read it, here's the page:

Rochester Personal Defense -, Self Defense Classes, Firearms Training in Rochester New York

Hope to see you soon!

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