How to become a CCW instructor?


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I was wanting to know how you go about becoming a CCW instructor in Nebraska. I have quite a bit of experience with weapon handling in the military and am still active in the service. I checked the Nebraska State Patrol website and they didn't have a whole lot on their site in regards to how to become an instructor. Any feedback would be excellent. Thanks

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How can I become an instructor?

Instructors must meet many of the same requirements as a permit holder but are not required to have a concealed handgun permit. An application form is required for instructors which can be found on the Nebraska State Patrol website. Instructors are also required to be certified to teach handgun courses by another recognized certifying agency such as the National Rifle Association. If you are interested in becoming an instructor, please read the regulations (which are also on the website) and contact the Nebraska State Patrol for more information.

I'm retired military and got my training to instruct from the NRA. Should cost around $300 for the 2 day class.
Thanks a lot for the information, when I looked at their site it didn't seem very direct in how to become one, I did look at their .pdf's and emailed the name at the bottom of the site, thanks.

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