How to apply for a permit in Minot


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I just applied for a concealed weapons permit in ND. Hopefully this answers some questions.

  1. You can pick up the aplication at the sheriffs office in the courthouse above the jail.
  2. Fill out everything you can.
  3. If you live within city limits go to the Police station for a records review. It took me like 5 min and the Chief was not even there.
  4. Call Chuck Skager to set up a test (839-3462). Its an open book test and costs $25. Its normaly on Saturdays at 8am. Chuck is awsome. He has over 35 years of law enforcement experiance. He has many stories and is very helpfull so call him if you have any questions.
  5. Chuck also offers the other 2 things you need, 2 passport photos and 2 fingerprint cards. The cards are $16 at the jail and the pics probably cost $10 at CVS. Chucks one stop shop is $25 for both.
  6. Once you have the photos, fingerprint cards, and filled out application turn everything in to the sheriffs office with a $25 check to NDAG for the application fee.
Total it costs $75 and I was told it takes a couple of weeks.

I just started my application process, as a matter of fact just took my ND test last night. I went through a guy who calls himself Tak (701) 720-9958. (I'm not advertising for him, just adding a point of contact for all interested).

I just went for the ND ccw at this time but this guy also offers Utah, Minnesota and Florida ccw's. $100 for three. I think he is out of bismark, but he does a mobile training thing too. He is prior military (Air Force?) and prior police officer, and I think he is a bounty hunter now? Not positive though.

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