How Often Do You Practice With Your Carry Weapon??

How Often Do You Practice With Your Carry Weapon?

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  • Quarterly

    Votes: 1 1.2%
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construction at indoor range

Went to LGC in Grafton on Monday, Columbus Day, anticipating practice with my carry Walther PP....brought the P22 along for good cheap fun, and the CZ75 for some honest shooting....arrived to find the indoor range closed for renovation....had to use the outdoor range....turned into a real challenge shooting the .22 and .32 at 25 meters! But alas, even the worst day on the range is 100x better than sitting at home, avoiding "honey do's"


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I dry fire practice more than I shoot at a range. I really noticed a difference in my shooting when I started dry firing.


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Mindest and How often you Practice and Carry

To me carrying a gun is a Mindset issue, it means you have taken a big step to not allow yourself, and loved ones, to be a helpless victim. You and your family are worth protecting ALL the time, not just sometimes. Make the decision to carry your gun wherever you can and as much as you can, then stick to it. Don't just carry it, but train with it. Live ammo training isn't the only form of practice or training.

Some of the best training is dry fire practice, just make sure you check and re-check to make sure the gun is empty, and use a back stop that can stop a bullet. Dry fire practice is free, and can be done in your own home whenever you want.

Practice your draw stroke, use the holster you normally carry, and wear the type of clothes you wear most. Practice proper grip, draw stroke, aim, and trigger control. Practice moving while you are drawing and shooting. Don't be a stationary target. You can mark a spot on the wall to aim at, or tape a target up on the wall. I personally prefer targets that have photos of people holding a gun, or some other weapon.

Know and stay current with Gun Laws and GET INVOLVED IN PROTECTING OUR SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHT!!! Take various Firearms Training Classes, read books and watch instructional videos/DVD's on the subject, and practice what you have learned.

As you learn more about Gun Laws and the more you practice, you will get better and more comfortable with your gun, you will want to carry your gun more, and have the confidence to do so. CARRY YOUR GUN ALL THE TIME!!! It is better to have it and never need it, than not have it and need it just one time.

Your gun isn't the only weapon, or even the best weapon you have. The best weapon you have is your Mind. Stay alert and sharp. Don't become oblivious to events and people around you, trust your instincts. Carry a cell phone, be a good witness, your first priority should be making sure you and your family are safe.

Talk about your decision with your family so they know and understand what you have decided and why. The family that trains and shoots together, stays together.


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I get to go shoot at least a few of my guns every other week, usually... I practice more often than that though, sometimes daily.


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Range guys been keeping track. Said I have been there 94 times in the last two years.
Let's see. That's $10.00 plus $30.00 for bullets x 94 times. Sheesh!!
$3,760 plus guns a safe and lots of ammo stock.
No wonder she thinks I'm crazy!!!


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Oscar, I have another crazy idea. Get her to go with you and you can almost double that amount of money. :D


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Wife wante here own keltec 32. She has a Kimber ultra carry a glock 23 and how wants the 32, what is with her. If she will pratice with mine and I see she has no issue with limp wristing its hers.


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Wife wante here own keltec 32. She has a Kimber ultra carry a glock 23 and how wants the 32, what is with her. If she will pratice with mine and I see she has no issue with limp wristing its hers.

Sounds good. If you give it to her does that give you and excuse to go buy yourself something new? :D I have never let my wife shoot my P3AT. She just doesn't like it. I think it might be a little hard for her to rack the slide and as you mentioned limp wristing could present a problem. It is the one of the very few handguns I have ever had a FTF on. I think I was limp wristing it. I took it apart and buffed the feed ramp and made sure to lock my wrist. No more FTF.
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I practice once a week at the range and dry fire in the garage once a week at least. I picked up a lot of new skills in a training class recently that have made me much more appreciative of the dry fire practices.

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