How often do you dry practice?

How often do you dry practice?

  • Everyday

    Votes: 8 15.4%
  • Three Times a Week

    Votes: 14 26.9%
  • Once a Week

    Votes: 18 34.6%
  • Twice a Month

    Votes: 4 7.7%
  • Once a Month

    Votes: 1 1.9%
  • Never

    Votes: 7 13.5%

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New member
Because I haven't acquired what will I need to carry my Sig 220 Compact, I'm still carrying my NAA 380 in my pocket in a Nemesis holster. So when I "get ready" to go out, I spend a minute or so going through the process of pulling the gun out of my pocket in front of a full length mirror. I am primarily concerned with getting the gun out and being ready to shoot every time, and not so concerned with shaving milliseconds off my time. So far, I've managed to keep up with the image in the mirror. What I'm really mindful of now is where I am in public and what's around me. Because I'm pocket carrying, I often mosey, walking casually with my hand in my pocket right on the gun. I am very mindful of where we park as I beleive parking lots and the like are prime targets for BG's. I always rag on my wife to not park beside large vehicles like vans because they can hide a lot of things from other eyes. We almost always get cash back inside a store (even though it means we might have to purchase something) rather than use an ATM. There is only one ATM in the Orlando area that I feel safe in using and that is because you can drive around it to do a "visual" before getting out of the car and because there are no hiding places close to it. An Orlando Police Officer was killed recently at an ATM while off duty. His mistake: using an ATM at 1am. Numba 2 son has ingrained in us to lock the car doors when we get in the car. Oh yeah, one more thing: We always lock the car when gasing up. Always.

Don't know about walking around with my hands in my pockets, especially on my gun. :) This seems a little overboard to me, and could pose as a safety hazard. I was taught not to restrict the free movement of any of my body parts.

I use ATM machines all over the country at various hours of the day. Hasn't been a problem for me so far. I do like being able to hit the local Walmart, pick up a snack, misc items, etc, and get up to $100 cash back. There's no fee to get the cash back at Walmart. I've done the same thing at a couple of the local grocery stores, drug stores and Home Depot. I don't need cash too much these days since most places accept credit or debit cards for payment. I pay for my lunch at McDonald's with my credit/debit card.

With technology these days, we can rest easy with a higher level of security in our vehicles. My car alarm is programmed to automatically lock the vehicle when I shift into "Drive" and will automatically arm and lock when I exit the vehicle. When I unlock the car with my remote, the interior lights illuminate the inside of the vehicle.

The death of the police officer is tragic, but illustrates the importance of being aware of our surroundings at all times. If something doesn't seem right, get out of there and either come back another time, or avoid the situation all together.



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The ideal for me would be daily but because of time constraints, it only works out to about three times a week.

I practice shooting fundamentals, and also the draw. I practice the draw from concealed carry and also from exposed carry off of the duty holster with retention. I have a timer going to set up par times.


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I admit I need to dry practice more. I'm from MI so when weather is ok I will go around once a week, only two miles to my range, have a friend that likes to go so that makes it more fun rather than be by myself, kids once in awhile. kind of snowy right now so might be alittle while:(


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I always make sure the gun is on loaded and draw and point to a couple of object before I load up to go out. I also practice to get my gun into action from the drawer,shelve or from under the pillow. I never answer the door without a gun in my hand behind my leg.

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