How much is enough?

What would happen if all the country's who are loaning us money. Stand up and say enough is enough no more loans and cut off the money supply. Would the Gov try and us the military to get the money train turned back on? Or just cover their own ass and run for the hills? Obama keeps talking about change and making new jobs. The jobs are here already we just need to bring them back home from over seas.

Well i mean at what point do they say enough is enough. If this was a world bank lending us the money they would have already put a end to loaning money to us. Whats the number now something like 90 to 93 T? Oh i just found it . It's $11,053,078,047,482.56 dollars. So each citizen's share of this debt is $36,134.70. Any one have 36k and some change just kicking around?

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