How much extra ammo do you carry?


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This thread is pretty straightforward. Just wondering, just as the title says, how many extra magazines (or speedloaders for those of you who carry revolvers) you carry with you? When I'm using my smartcarry I carry one spare 8-round magazine in the magazine pocket, but when I'm carrying OWB, I don't carry anything extra. However, I do security for a living, and when I'm at work, in addition to the 8 rounds I carry in my duty weapon (7 in the mag plus 1 in the chamber), I carry an 8-rounder in the magazine pouch on my holster, and two more 8-rounders in a double mag pouch for a total of 32 rounds.

For me, it depends on what time of year and where I'm going. From May through October I carry a 5 shot .41 Magnum revolver. I live and work in the woods and this carry gun is more for paws and claws than SD against 2 legged predators. I don't carry any spare ammo. ( 250gr. solid cores are heavy)

November through April and any time I head to town I carry a 24/7 .40 with a spare mag. This give me 31 rounds. It's not that I'm worried about getting into a running gun battle but in case of some sort of failure.
One extra mag

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I carry one extra mag of 7 rds, on my left side in a 'homemade' case. I use a nylon sheath that was originally used for a large folding knife. Strengthened it by sewing the belt loop with 8lb monofiliment fishing line. It keeps the loaded mag safe n' sound.

My compact da/sa .45 is carried at 3 o'clock, in a BladeTech IWB kydex holster. With 'only' 8 rds in the pistol, I just feel a little better protected in having the extra mag if ever needed.

With my PT-111 I carry an extra mag that has 10 rounds and with the 1911 I carry an extra mag with 8.
When I carry the XD-357, I usually carry an extra 12rd mag... but not always. When I carried my P239, I always carried at least one extra 7rd mag, sometimes two.
I carry one extra magazine for whatever I am carrying. That is eight rounds for my Ruger p345 or 10 rounds for my pt140pro.

One extra magazine...unless we're doing some serious hiking, then it's one extra box 'o ammo.
One mag and light in belt holder and new york reload in pocket. You are not the only FL cracker here
My usual carry is a SIG auto so I normally carry one spare magazine but not specifically for the added ammo. ;)
I turned an old cell phone belt pouch into a carrier for an extra mag. I keep 1 in the pipe, + 10 in the grip.....then I have another 10 on my belt for backup. To answer the question, I carry one extra mag.
I carry an extra mag for my primary weapon but I don't carry an extra one for my BUG. I also keep extra ammo in my vehicle.
10 + 1 in the gun and 2 extra mags for 31 rds total. Usually also a 5 or 6 shot .38 revolver and a tacti-cool folder or Cold Steel Desperado.
M&P 9 with a 17 round mag and one spare 17 round on the belt. If it's hot out I'll leave the extra mag at home.
Carry a 1911 with 7 + 1 chambered, a spare mag and a Sig 232 BUG. Always have a box of 20 cartridges in the trucks glovebox for the 1911.
Extra Ammo

One magazine. As both more rounds for the BG, and to deal with a magazine failure at a most inopportune time.
With G27 standard with mag 9 rounds with 1 in the pipe makes 10
and 1 extra mag for G23 for 13 more makes a total of 23 rounds.
Well, fact is I usually don't carry an extra mag. Just the Makarov's 8 + 1 in the chamber.

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