How Much Do You Know About Your States Gun Laws?


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I got six out of ten for New Jersey. But the test is wrong!

There was one question about a waiting period in NJ. The test states that there is one, when there is not. Shotguns and rifles may be purchased by anyone who already has a Firearm ID Card, with no waiting period. Same with handgun purchase permits--while it takes time to get a purchase permit, once you have it, there is no waiting period. You simply bring it to the gun store, make the purchase, and bring it home.

There was also a question about mandatory registration. The test says there is, but only handguns purchased in NJ must be registered, which is only accomplished by the use of a state-issued purchase permit--no action is required on the part of the purchaser after the sale. People who move into NJ with firearms are not required to register, nor is there any mandatory registration of rifles or shotguns. However, there is a voluntary registration process, though I don't know anyone who has done so.

Another question asked about private gun sales and background checks. Only FFL's are required to perform background checks. Sales between private citizens do not require a background check, but the purchaser must provide a NJ Firearm card, or a handgun purchase permit. It is also a prudent measure, although not required, to have the purchaser sign a Certificate of Eligibility.

There is also a questionable interpretation about the ability of police to limit carrying of concealed weapons. This is not necessarily true. While a police chief may block an attempt to apply for a carry permit, it is ultimately a superior court judge who issues it. After that, the permit is valid state wide and is not open to interpretation from individual police agencies. Any restrictions on the permit may only be placed by the superior court judge.


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8 out of 10 for New York, but I question two of the answers.

One question was somewhat vague - is it mandatory for all guns to be registered. The quiz says "yes", but long guns do not have to registered, which is why I said "no".

The other question - like the one from New Jersey above - asks is local police can limit concealed handguns. It's not the police, but a county judge.


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I got 8 out of 10.On the question about locking devices beinf sold with GUNS,I just didn't pay attention when I read it.Handguns it is.On the one about background checks,that's not a good question.If an unlicensed individual is selling at a gunshow,he does not need to do a background check.But if a licensed dealer is,then he does.

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