How many spare mags do you carry?

How many mags do you carry?

  • 1- The one in the weapon.

    Votes: 42 26.6%
  • 2- One in the weapon, one extra.

    Votes: 67 42.4%
  • 3- One in the weapon, two extra.

    Votes: 42 26.6%
  • 4 - One in the weapon, 3 extra.

    Votes: 3 1.9%
  • More than 5 total magazines.

    Votes: 4 2.5%

  • Total voters
Usually with just the XD-40, 13 in the pistol and 12 in the spare. Sometimes I carry two mags - that's 37 rounds total. A lot of time I also carry my Kel-Tec P-11, 11 in the pistol and 20 more in two mags. With both guns, I have 68 total rounds. That should last until the LEOs get there.

Part of carrying extra mags,is also for weapons malfunction. Sometimes you might have to dump the mag. that's already in your gun,clear a jam,then insert fresh mag. Most of the time you don't, just slap,rack,bang.
But, as they say,"one is none,two is one".(Clint Smith).

+1. I always carry at least one extra mag no matter what I carry just in case of a malfunction.
i carry a desert eagle with a total of 3 mags. i like to know i have some extras just for my own satisfaction.
There is no penalty for one too many

Since you never know what will happen, you can't carry too much ammo, unless you're trying to ford a river.

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