How many of you work at a job at says no weapons on it's grounds?

The company I work for has a "no weapons on premises" policy, however this is against Florida law. Florida law as of April 11th last year says it is legal as both an employee or customer to have your firearm locked away "in the parking area" of the facility as long as it stays within the other state guidelines (school zones, etc). Also no areas where explosives or mass combustibles are stored.

Either way, I don't care. I carry at work anyway because guess what? I work at a convenience store in an economically depressed area where alcoholism dominates. I see crime every day and will not disarm myself for a $9/hr job.

I know your pain. Where I work (a casino) the law says that I can not carry inside. The law does say that I can have my gun in my car in the parking lot, as long as I don't brandish it. Unfortunately, according to the company handbook, just having my gun in my car, whether I'm in it or not, makes me a violent person, and subject to immediate termination. I leave it in my car anyway, and then worry, the rest of my shift, about someone breaking into my car and stealing it.
Good for you.

I just want to say I totally respect you for taking this stupid fast food job and thinking of your family first. So many people laid off due to no fault of their own think working at these places is beneath them, meanwhile their families suffer more. Plus it blows holes in the arguments these jobs will only be done by illegal immigrants.

Hear, hear. There is absolutely nothing dishonorable about any honest job. Your family should count their lucky stars to have someone like you in their corner.

I think you're selling yourself short. this may be a decent course of action for the day shift, but most robberies likely happen after 11:00 PM. I'd carry

Because so many McDonalds get jacked up, I would consider carrying anyway. When I worked at a "no carry" job, I kept a small "J" frame in my front pocket, and no one was the wiser. You may not be able to pack big heat, but five shots of .357 is still considerable.
My company forbids firearms on company property, even in my car. It is illegal under MN law, I'm working to get it changed.
In SC - my company also forbids firearms in the car on company property. It is not illegal, but this is a free-will-employer state. So if they found out, I could be fired. Luckily I work 8-5 so I'm not concerned. I only plan on carrying after work and on weekends. I'm not worried someone would find out I have my gun in the truck...I'm more concerned about the possibility of someone breaking in my truck and using my gun in a crime than the possibility of me needing my weapon while going to/from work.

But if it were McD's, graveyard shift... I'd carry. Just be very concealed. The worst that happens is you have to use it, save the store some money on being robbed, they might make you pay for "clean-up", and get fired. Much better than dead.
As in My previous post, not allowed on Company property. The parking lot is leased which makes it legal for me to keep in My vehicle. Since I have checked and got answers on this great forum, I have to keep both firearm and ammo separate in vehicle (I work in MA.). Honestly, it is a real pain in the ass when I get here at work........unload the firearm, open two safes, put firearm and ammo in them and lock them up. Time to leave work, unlock both, load firearm, mount on My waist standing outside the vehicle because I cannot do it while sitting. But what I do now is, I wear a NAA 22LR 5 shot that has the clip, and wear it into work which is concealed and no one knows. Yes, I know I'm going from a 9mm to a 22LR. While I'm thinking of it, I should just find a more comfortable holster for IWB and try wearing the 9mm at work......for now. We'll see.
Since you've made the decision to carry...

Sambo, good for you. Somehow we have to make employers and politicians understand that our right to defense of self goes with us everywhere we go. We don't check that right at the door to a fast food chain, a classroom, or a state line, and it's not something employers or politicians have any business limiting arbitrarily. The USSC recently found, as one of the factual foundations for their decision in the Heller case, that handguns are the overwhelming choice of Americans for self-protection.

Anyway, I'm sure i speak for all in saying we hope your luck turns and you get back to a better job right away. My hat is off to you for doing whatever it takes to provide for your family. A lot of the younger generation could (and should) learn from your example. Keep the faith.
I can legally step out behind the building I work in and fire my gun. It may irritate my boss, so I don't. Living and working outside the city limits has it's advantages.:biggrin:
Some states over ride that saying your car is your property and that trumps there parking lot as long as you don't take it out of your car.:pleasantry:
i think that is how it is here in texas since they recently changed the law stating that your vehicle is an extension of your home, someone correct me if im wrong. last i heard they were working on it but i dunno if it passed or not. but i have been carrying my .40 cal in my vehicle for months already lol, that would suck if they can fire me for it, especially since they send us out to some of the most desolate places to care for patients, lol. out here there are too many places that our cell phones won't work to call for help if TSHTF. :secret:

I can legally step out behind the building I work in and fire my gun. It may irritate my boss, so I don't. Living and working outside the city limits has it's advantages.:biggrin:

Boss said it was okay to set up targets and shoot there. He even wants to try out his 9mm.
So I guess weapons are okay at my job!
I work in a Casino. In my state it is illegal to carry on a riverboat gaming vessel, so I suppose you can add me to the list of "unable to carry at work". :wacko:
My company policy forbid it. I forwarded the corporate counsel a copy of the state statute that says employers cannot ban legal possession of a firearm in personal vehicles in a company parking lot. He agreed that the law triggered an exemption in the policy so I can have one in certain parking lots.
My 2 Cents. Concealed carry does not mean to shout it from the roof tops that you carry. I am a 5 foot, 100 lb 62 year old woman. I wear long skirts, high neck shirts and don't look very intimidating. Well my hair is still dark red:sarcastic:.

So unless I needed my "mouse" for some reason nobody needs to know or should know I am armed. End of discussion as far as I am concerned. This is were the don't ask and don't tell rule should be followed at all times.
Working for the Federal Gov't

I work at a VA hospital where it has always been policy that no one is to bring firearms onto hospital property unless they are LEO's, then they have to store their weapons unless they are working a case. Firearms are not even allowed to be kept inside one's vehicles. Early last year there was an ongoing conflict at the hospital between two male employees over one female employee. This situation became worse over time until one night things turned deadly. Each male employee got into their cars, one had the female with him, and left VA property when their shift ended at midnight. They made it a few blocks before a running gunfight ensued from car to car as they were going down the street. One person was hit and crashed his car. The other employee then stopped and the gunfight continued. It ended up with one guy being shot to death, the woman hiding behind some bushes beside the road, scared but unhurt, and the other male unhurt. The trial is still pending. The VA sent out MEMO's after this incident as a reminder about the firearms directives. Our VA hospital is smack in the middle of one of the more nasty parts of town. There is a huge state funded housing complex directly across the street from the hospital. To my personal knowledge the hospital has been shot at and hit 3 times in the past. One bullet went through the window of a patients room and impacted into the wall near the patient but no one was hurt. Another more recent shooting a bullet went through the window in the room where a patient was undergoing a sleep study test. Again no one was hurt, neither the patient or the tech doing the test. On each New Years night the main gate to the VA is closed off and the employee's getting off work at midnight are directeded out the back gate due to all the gunfire coming from the housing project. For me to get home from the hospital I have to pass through this ghetto area. I have never been personally shot at while leaving workt but each night when I leave the hospital grounds I feel like I'm in someone's crosshairs. My having a firearm on hospital property I would be comitting a Federal Crime and if caught would lose my job and go to jail.

Catch 22
Some here have mentioned to never tell anyone that you carry etc.... this is the best advise you can take. At the job I just got laid off from we weren't allowed to carry on their property. A friend from work and I took our CCW class together. He like a moron came to work the next day and blabbed to EVERYONE that we had CCWs. Contrary to what the instructors advised about carrying, the company now knew that we were packing. I love this guy as a friend but he obviously can't keep a secret. The plot thickens. Next a guy we worked with had gotten into a legal problem involving a drunken attempt of arson of a alleged drug dealer's house. I never said anything bad about the guy but I did say "If we read in the paper of it happening elsewhere that they should hang him." Of course he hears this and threatens to have me arrested for frightening him. I would have been in some doo doo. Next the boss is dead set against guns and over the course of several years had been trying desperately to get rid of me. it took me forever to get him to lie me and be on my side for a change. When the company sold off our unit, the boss even gave me his home phone and said I could use him as reference.
And yes I do and always have kept my gun in the car at work. Trust no one and tell no one. By the way it is legal in Michigan to keep it in your car no matter what the company says. There are exceptions like post offices etc...

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