How Many Of You Open Carry?

Here in TN, our license is a "Handgun Carry Permit". The legislation does not specify how that carry is to be conducted and is, per the AG, optional to the permit holder to carry openly or concealed. I do both, sometimes at the same time. We have a lot of warm (hot) weather and a lot of humidity, so layering clothing can often be downright uncomfortable depending on the situation, so a lot of the time, I have a simple holster on my belt and carry openly. I also use a great IWB holster that is more discrete but still open. And, sometimes, I even openly wear my shoulder rig. For me, it is all about comfort and the situation. I never open carry in church, but I am always armed; in the hardware store or fast food place, I have no problem with open carry.

Two things about open carry:
1. I have, in almost thirty years, only had two instances that might be considered negative interaction caused by openly carrying a handgun. The first was a boy of about 10-12 who very loudly and with alarm asked: "Oh, WHAT is THAT?!". I replied calmly, "It's my emergency equipment." His mother smiled politely, slightly apologetically, and the boy simply nodded while staring at my pistol. That was that. The second occasion was some, obviously Left-wing, hipster who, upon seeing my 1911 on my hip, said: "Oh, I bet your big gun sure is powerful enough!". He said this with much sarcasm and derision, and loudly enough to attract the attention of several fellow shoppers. I smiled and said, "Powerful enough to melt snowlakes." He blushed and kept on walking, several shoppers chuckled, and we all went on our way. I have, on the other hand, had uncountable positive encounters. People who have asked questions about choice in equipment, ammo, training, local resources, etc. and have had some great conversations with a lot of nice people over the years.

2. The age-old "I don't want anyone to know I have a gun," "I don't want to be the first target when the bad guy sees me with a gun," etc. I understand the argument; I guess I just don't expect that it is going to make that much difference in the places I open carry. I don't hang out in Southside Chicago. In Lowe's, I don't think it's too big a concern.

That's my three cents.

I open carry when the weather is really hot here in Central part of Michigan even though I have my cpl I carry my Girsan Regard MC in a level two Safariland outerwaist holster , never had a problem and it seems like in my area it is well liked as I see more and more people doing the practice in many businesses .

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