How Many Mexicans Does It Take To Find Home?


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You just can't stop you Lil racist??

Maybe YOU are the racist one here, throwing out the race card like that. The fact is, there are swarms of people getting INTO the U.S. FROM Mexico and most of them are swarming illegally. (a fate that would be met with a swift and terrible retribution if they came into Mexico illegally from South America, keep in mind) There was nothing racist in the quote above, the one for which you tossed out the card. You, Detroit, need to examine your own racist bone. BTW, are you "detroit 45acp", the guy who was made to run like with his political tail between the legs? ...Just sayin'

Now, the joke will have been on me if you were simply being cute and i misread you by thinking you were serious. Is that the case?


You just can't stop you Lil racist??
Haven't you heard the race card is overdrawn?
I know who you are. Your that annoying lil white kid who plays rap at full volume and tries his best Ebonics impression with his homelys. Your straggled dreds and rasty hat will end up getting you jacked someday. I doubt you have a job and if it weren't for rainbow and obummer stickers, your shopping cart would be lost if you got more than 20' from it.
Please return the stolen laptop and stop sitting outside the library, nobody wants to smell you.


Should have confiscated the chopper, the TX DPS could probably use it.

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