How Many Holsters Do You Own?

Jeff S

I just bought a DeSantis Belly Band for times where I hike or walk in shorts with no belt, and a tank or tee shirt. I also have 2 IWB's (CBSTD and Theis)(probably going to sell the CB), 3 OWB's (X-Concealment, RM's ECP, and DeSantis Mini Slide), and an Amish Appendix holster I bought when I first applied for my permit. I bought it at a gun show just to feel closer to actually having a permit.(never used, wanting to sell). I feel guilty having too many holsters, some that I don't use. How many holsters do you have, what are they, and do you use them all?


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I've got oodles of holsters that cover me from the ankle to the arm pit! I will switch holsters based on the clothing I'm goin to wear, the season and the weapon I carry. I seem to stay consistent between a IWB or a paddle or combat master pancake style.
One adjustable CC - a DeSantis Sof-Tuck. Plus one open carry - a custom hard leather by Ted Blocker, a great local company, made before Ted sold the business.

Tucker's Mom

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You must be young...too many holsters? That's OK...once you buy your next gun, then you don't have to buy a holster..:biggrin:..believe me as you get older you tend to want another model or a more upgraded model of what you got. Uh...I'm talking about me. Yup! got all the holsters I need for now, just changing CC guns is my extra curricular activity before I go out..:wacko:


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I have a Galco Matrix that I use for my XD9SC around the house and a Blackhawk Serpa for the same gun which I use for carry. Also a Galco Kydex holster for my 40SW Hi Point which I never use and the holster that came with the XD which I also don't use. And another Serpa for my XD4inch 45.


I refuse to count them, it would be too depressing.

I compete in Cowboy Action, so I've got quite a few full rigs for main match use (plain jane, fancy, basic and there's the loaner set that I got for a steal) for both my cartridge guns and cap and ball. And my side match pocket pistols including a custom made shoulder rig for a H&R American Double Action in .44 Bulldog (yes, a custom rig for a $50 dollar pistol but it is SWEET). And my derringer. Then there's my holsters for open carry in the woods/at the range for more modern guns like my DA Wheelguns and bottomfeeders. Then there's all the concealed carry stuff for various guns that I've used over the years.


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One OWB for each + a pocket holster for each of my 3 deep-conceal pistols. A total of 9.


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Now that I thought about it, over $2,000.00 worth. Alessi, High Noon, Milt Sparks, TT Gun Leather, Galco etc. Seems like I've spent my whole life waiting for a holster delivery. My last Alessi was relatively quick, 15 weeks. My "motto" is; you can't have to many holsters, that is unless you sold the guns it went to?


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I have at least one per handgun, and some handguns have two or three or four or five, well, you get what I mean.:biggrin: IWB, OWB, Shoulder, Ankle, Thigh (drop holster). Crossbreed, Galco, Fobis, DeSantis, Bianchi, Uncle Mike's, Blackhawk!, Bulldog, Glock. Oh! and you can't forget the magazine and speedloader pouches! :sarcastic::wacko:


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Hmmm, just like everyone else I'd suppose i went thru several phases of holstering. I now have a small box full and normally now use a SuperTuck or pocket holster, or both with pocket being backup.

Pinnacle Safety

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Outstanding ? I have a IWB + a ploymer paddle holster for each handgun and two shoulder holsters one for fullsize one for compact and one ankle holster the question is how many do I actually use

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