How many have more than one state CCW, and how many do you have?


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With the current state of things, I'm going to make a hobby of getting as many state licenses as I can. After I take the firearm training class and get my resident permit.

Sounds like fun but I'd rather put the money towards guns and ammo. By guns and ammo I don't mean the magazine. And by magazine I don't mean the thing thing that holds ammo. But I might buy magazines. And by magaz... well I think you know what I mean.
I have two. Texas and Utah. Between the two I can carry in almost every state that allows non-residents to carry. They definitely cover every place I need them to.
I have two, my home state of SC and Arizona. Between the two it covers all the states that I travel through.
Well, when I'm finished with the class Saturday, I'll have Va, FL, and NC on order. The issue isn't about the number of states I can carry in so much as having the states give me individual permission to exercise the rights I already have. Haha.

Va doesn't give me anything as far as carry goes, because NC covers more territory. FL gives me a little, but not much.

I can afford the ammo and the license fees.
I have MN and have applied in FL. Then I should be good for most of the states that I will travel to. As soon as I can I want to get OUT of this lib state and go some place warmer, less taxes and one that supports the 2A in a more positive way.
I have TN resident permit which is good in 39 states and my LEOSA which is good in all 50 states, Wash., DC and all US possessions.
I just have my home state of NC. I've looked into a non-resident permit from other states but they wouldn't gain me any states that I don't already have through the NC permit.
I have three Concealed carry licenses and my wife has two. We wanted to be able to carry in all the neighboring states and the ones that we visit the most. Also being retired we travel to Arizona or Florida in our RV each winter and wanted to be able to carry while traveling. My Idaho resident license covers MT, WY, UT and CO. My Oregon license covers me for that state and Florida non-resident license covers WA. My wife's Arizona non-resident license is good for NV. We are covered in the continental US in all states except 11 and if we avoid IL we have no trouble traveling to our winter digs.

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