How many are enough?


Land of 10,000 Taxes
Pistols, that is.

Right now my wife and I each have a medium to compact gun for carry (Cougar .40 and Taurus Millenioum 9mm) and each have a pocket pistol for backup (Ruger LCP .380 and Seecamp .32). Add in a Beretta Neos .22 for practice. She thinks we have enough, I think we have a good start.

How many do you have and what does this allow you to do? I ask because the gun is just the start, you have to have holsters/etc for them and I imagine some of you just stay proficient with the one(s) you normally carry.

My firearms shopping list simply reads, "One of Each."

When I have one of each I'll worry about how many is enough?
When I first got married my new bride asked me how many guns did I really need, I told her I was not sure, I would let her know when I had enough. That was in 1987, and she is still waiting for an answer.:sarcastic:
I've only had the Stoeger for about four months and I'm already thinking a lighter .40 polymer pistol would be smaller and lighter to carry, leaving the Cougar for the bedside table or truck...

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