How many abbreviations for concealed carry?


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I just thought it would be neat to see how many abbreviations there are in the US for carrying a concealed weapons permit. The ones I'm familiar with right off hand are CC, CCW and CWP. I can't for the life of me remember what the "W" is for in CCW.

With 50 States, there must be more. Or is it 57, seems like the President said there were 57. I'm so confused!

Anybody have any others?

Why doesn't my text automatically word wrap?


Off the top of my head:

CWP: concealed weapons permit
CCP: concealed carry permit
CFP: concealed firearms permit
CCW: concealed carry weapon (permit?)

You know, I'm going to put together a whole list. I'll do permits as well as other common abbreviations. I will need it for my new firearms website anyway.

Luke, when I've got it mostly together I'll send you a copy.
You forgot these

CCW = Carrying a Concealed Weapon
CPL = Concealed Pistol License
CWP = Concealed Weapons Permit
CWL = Concealed Weapons License

ETC. I suppose you could come up with a List of words. Pick any three different words from the list without repeating and it should work. You might get a few which do not make sense but it would probably work.

In Oregon, it's officially a "Concealed Handgun License", or CHL. (Although I've seen some sheriff's offices refer to it as a CWP in general, and only call it a CHL when specifically referring to the actual state law.)
I have ten so far, including the ones mentioned.

And, of course, there will be a special sub-section just for G-isms:
SD: (as above)
CCB: concealed carry badge
CCC: concealed carry cape, et al
WDNNSB: we don't need no stinkin' badges, etc.
Arkansas used to be CHL but now added another C to the mix CHCL= Concealed Handgun Carry License! I'm expecting a few more letters added in the future. CHCLPACHTBCC = Concealed Handgun Carry License Permit Alows Concealed Handgun To Be Carried Concealed LMAO but probably close :-)
Localgirl, I am dying to see your list. You have a good start already. I sure didn't expect to get this many replies and/or that many different

Maybe when you have them all compiled, we can pick the three most popular
letters and make up one standard abbreviation. We will all push it and
give Localgirl the credit.

Why won't my sentences word wrap???

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