How long to get your CHL Permit?


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I recently completed the course and mailed the paperwork and payment to LR -- any one else who recently sent in their applcation - how long did it take to get your permit?

I mailed my application on the 15th of December, and I got my permit back on the 20th of February.
I obtained an Arkansas permit back in the 90's when the state first issued concealed carry permits. Back then your permit listed up to 3 firearms you were allowed to carry. So, the type of firearm and serial number was listed on the permit. A few years ago I became ill and as a result missed my renewal window. As a result, I had to re-take a CCW class. I took it March 23, 2009. My permit was issued June 3, 2009.
I sent my pack in early Feb, still haven't gotten it back. I was warned in the class not to bother them for 6 months though.
When I dropped the paperwork off late last month, they said it could take up to 120 days for the papework to be processed. I live in the Greater Little Rock area and dropped it off at the ASP HQ after having one of their folks do the finger printing. I figured that was the best way to make sure they received it, as well as not have to worry about delays due to the USPS (not sayin' anything negative about the USPS, mind you). I've talked to a few folks recently who've been waiting almost three months for theirs. One fella said his was right around 70 days, but he dropped his paperwork off the Monday before Christmas.

Anyhow, I've been told by several folks that there's currently a backlog at the ASP to get this paperwork properly taken care of. This backlog is due to a near-record number of folks in Arkansas recently submitting license requests.

Waiting patiently.... :pleasantry:

I live in baxter county(north central), I mailed my pack in on Feb 6th and I recieved my CHCL on March 5th......good luck!!
Hi Folks,
On average at this time, it takes 4-6 weeks to receive your license IF you apply on line at Arkansas State Police web site. Longer if you mail them and maybe 2 times as long. The on line app became available in Sept or so and is pretty simple. In Dec I had a 21 yr old trainee get his license back in 8 days from class date! Anyway, now it is longer as there are many applying and this time of ear is the busy time.
Patience it takes for sure :)
I had meant to speak up well before now, but obviously failed to do so...

Dropped my paperwork off 30 March 2010, received it in the mail 27 May 2010. So, just shy of 60 days.
Got mine in 4 weeks, wife still waiting

My wife and I took the class on March 25 this year. I flied our applications on line March 26 and mailed in all our paperwork the next day. I got my permit in 4 weeks :biggrin:. My wife is still waiting for hers :sad:.

I have worked in aerospace defence in the past and had a security clearance to work on classified projects so the FBI probably still has a file on me including fingerprints. That may be the reason why I got mine so fast.

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