How long did it take????

I called to make sure that they at least had my check. She said that they had it and was waiting on one more background check to come back then it would be ready.

Hanging is the game.

My check just cleared yesterday. I was told by someone it took an additional 2 months to get his. I am not sure if he had things in his past that delayed it. Really hope that I see my in the very near future.
My check has not cleared through my bank yet but I got my paper in the mail that says my license will be at sheriffs office around November 4

Hanging is the game.
I had mine back in three weeks, but that was 8 years ago when there weren't so many sending in their applications. I been told that there is quite a wait right now with a bunch of people in the Bluegrass State applying for their CCL at this time.
im told i have 4 weeks to get my ccdw certificate of completion on my class then about another 9 weeks till i get my ccdw permit ? they are telling me about 13 weeks
i sent my app. in on 10/10/12, It is now 02/06/13. I called yeasterday to find out if they had lost somthing and sure enough they had lost my id that they had took. now on friday when i get back in town I have to go back to the sheriffs office so they can take my pic again. agravating
Ok this is not a how long question but in Ky do they not finger print for a ccdw? I went today to the sheriff thinking they would need to finger print me i know in CT they have to and they did not here in Ky did they forget to or do they not here in Ky
They dont finger print here in ky. It took me 8 weeks from time left sheriff til got my letter saying i could puck it up at station.

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Mine took 2 months to the day from filling out app at Sheriff's office to date I could pickup from Sheriff's office.

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