How is Your short game???


God Bless Our Troops!!!
First and foremost, I am a rifleman. I eat, drink, sleep, and dream rifle ballistics. I used to think that a pistol was just another piece of gear to get a job done when a rifle is simply too much too close. I have begun to rethink this approach in the last 3 years as it becomes clear to me that a pistol in really a tiny rifle capable of some impressive shooting between 0-100 yards.

Here is what I am basing this assumption on. This does not mean you engage targets at extreme ranges...just that it can be done in a pinch if you take your time and do your part...the pistol if well made, will perform it's part adequately.

Some years Air Force Security Forces Member put an end to a BOZO with an AK-47 style rifle at Fairchild AFB at a distance of over 75 yards. He did so from a kneeling position with a Beretta M-9 (92F) using GI ball ammo. In doing so he saved countless lives.

USSOCOM members regularly train with the HK MK23 at distances exceeding 70 yards for eliminating sentries with a suppressed weapon for infiltration purposes.

The German Army used a buttstock with selected Luger pistols to give increased range shootability to an already excellent design.

My challenge to all of you is to try and hit a sheet of typewriter paper at 100 yards in a safe shooting environment. I have found that I can do it 65-70 percent of the time when I take a knee and slow down my breathing. I usually have to aim at the top of the paper and the bullet drops into the bottom 1/4. I am doing this with a stock HK USP45 fullsize. I cannot do this with my Baby Desert Eagle in .40 S&W.

This is no easy feat. I had to teach myself how to do this and I am still working on technique after 2 years of practicing this at least once every time I shoot.

"Hows my short game?"

Not to shabby, but my driving is still my best golf skill. Oh wait were talking about guns arent we, sorry, getting old...
i don't know.

with a pistol the farthest i have shot is about 40 yds. after that it is time for he battle rifle. some force on force drills seem to be in order.
I would not call 100 yards "short game" when using a pistol. I work drills out to 25 yards and occasionally out to 50 yards. Anything further should be done with a long gun.

USSOCOM members regularly train with the HK MK23 at distances exceeding 70 yards for eliminating sentries with a suppressed weapon for infiltration purposes.

--This is usually for shooting dogs at this range, not sentries.
50-100 yards is for pistol caliber carbines. At 100 yards, I can put all the 9mm I want in an 8" black.
Long range is meant for long guns, but......

I think that Festus' point is that you use the tools available for the jobs that need doing. Next time you are at the mall dodging teenagers and trying to cram half of a bag of Mrs. Fields Chocolate Chip cookies in your craw, check the sight lines and ranges down the main drag. Remember the jerk with the AK-47 in the mall shooting a couple of years ago? No time for a trip out for the trunk gun, IMHO. Besides, what a great excuse for an extra range trip!

Are we talkin chocolate chip cookies again.........cause I would REALLY like to get some this time:dance3:
My point is that you you should know your capabilities

Not all pistols are created equal. Know your limits and practice from short/short to long/long for the equipment you have.
I practice on my 9" steel plate out to 50 yards occasionally.

This weekend at Front Sight, we did some pistol work at 75 yards.

Sometimes I try the steel plate at 100 yards. I'm lucky to hit 1 in 6, so I'd say that 65-70% is excellent shooting.

Well, guess I'm going to head out to the range now, got the bug.

Peace, out :victory:

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