How is self-defense defined?

This whole issue of definition of self-defense, when push comes to shove, is like the comments made by the Supreme Court when discussing pornagraphy---"when you see it you will know it". Using your own common sense and, being a CCWP holder and having a real interest and commitment to your safety and being CC; you must trust your instincts and you will know when you are in significant and imminent danger and when you can use self defense. If anything, at least in SC, the Castle Doctrine goes even further than my own common sense. I have no intention of going out of my locked bedroom and just looking for, dealing with, and possibly killing someone or getting killed by someone who may be better at this than me, who has forcibly entered my house, and who is stealing things in other rooms (no kids), yet I can do so--legally. That is why I have a cell, why I pay taxes for LEOs, why I have insurance, and why I will stand my ground within my bedroom with a strong position and a big pump shotgun and where I stand a better chance of survival should a perp break thru my bedroom door.

I will answer this threads question this way. If someone tries to kill me, I will do whatever I can to kill them first.
I'm not too sure it has been enacted. I searched and can't find anything on it becoming law in NC. Here is the latest I found. North Carolina General Assembly - House Bill 476 Information/History (2007-2008 Session) It looks like nothing has been done on the bill since 03/05/2007.

No, The Castle Doctrine, (or a watered down version of it) was passed but the part about not being held liable in Civil Court for "Wrongful Death" was never a part of it. Two State Congress Members are holding a bill in limbo that would complete the Doctrine and make it whole. Right now NC has 3/4 of a Castle Doctrine... :cray:
Elton John Richard a former marine who served 2 tours in Iraq. Richard killed a person trying to break into his SUV. The person he killed was a named Daniel Romero. When Richard discovered Romero, Romero ran away. Richard chased him ¼ of a mile. As Romero was attempting to jump over a chain link fence, Richard, shot him in the back.

The judge gave him 2 years, then reversed his decision. Only in New Mexico!

Self defense is defined by the court, not anyone or any law.

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