How in the heck do I get my wife to try shooting?


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:help::My wife is very afraid of guns. She totally understands why my Son and I carry. I took her to the range a couple of times but she jumps everytime someone discharges a weapon. She then goes out to the waiting area and sits. Any ideas?


she's a lot like me...I"m very jumpy. But I just went to a ladies shooting clinic at a local gun club...just for girls....and it was so much fun. No pressure and very enjoyable. Maybe there is a ladies shooting day at your local gun club she could go to....for beginners.
:help::My wife is very afraid of guns. She totally understands why my Son and I carry. I took her to the range a couple of times but she jumps everytime someone discharges a weapon. She then goes out to the waiting area and sits. Any ideas?

Better ear protection, maybe. It could be she's really reacting more to all the unknowns of the range, than the 'bang'. My approach would be pretty simple. "This is something that most folks find to be a lot of fun, it's important to me, and I'd really like it to be something we can do togehter." Then go from there to address the perfectly normal (and totally reasonable, IMO) concern she may have for her safety at the range.

First step, in my approach, would be to ensure a) there's a range officer at the range, and b) she's met the range officer.

Better yet if that RO has a Nazi uniform on. That's what it takes at some public ranges, as retards surely abound.

Another completely separate approach, independent of the first, is familiarity with firearms (in general) and safe procedure. If she's the least bit sensible and analytical, then a routine procedure is important. This is how I pick up the firearm, withdraw it from the holster/case, and this is the first thing I do with it. I hold it this way,, always, point it this way, always, and check it this way, always. Everytime. This can be done at home (and IMO is BESt done at home), before you even go to the range. Dry firing, in a safe way using a routine, would likely help too. Establish Rules, and abide by them at all times. Be a guy who obeys the rules everytime--sorta like the idea that if I want my boy to wear HIS helmet on the motorcylce, I wear mine, too. If I want my kids to understand a safety vest while on the boat, I don't show them how important it is by not wearing mine because "I'm an adult".

Prove you know the Rules, obey them, and are smart enough to watch out for folks who don't when your'e at the range. What I hate most is folks who are too smart for the Rules--they're a pain in the butt and they are a liability to the sport.

What Valkyrie said...listen very closely. The use of firearms is so soaked in ego and testosterone it's a wonder to me anyone can hit a target or not shoot themselves. An RO and shooting instructor put it this way: guys are born believing they know how to ride a motorcycle, shoot a gun and drive a car right out of the chute. It's our culture, and an expectation we have that has no foundation. The evidence to the contrary abounds, yet we do not see. Ego and testosterone are the enemies of good shooting, and more importantly, the enemies of enjoyable shooting. Much like the case with golf.
Does she have any friends you could bribe into going to the range with her? A ladies day or event is great, and even better if she's got someone she knows trying it with her. The NWTF Women in the Outdoors events are usually well done and fun for the ladies also. Another idea--maybe go to a location without anybody else shooting, outdoors somewhere, to lessen the unexpected noise factor? Be patient--good luck.
What are y'all shooting around her? Any person new to the sport will jump at the report of a centerfire handgun. There are even some of us that have been shooting for a long time that will jump at the unexpected report of a weapon. Start small,just like we teach our children to shoot we dont start them out with centerfire rifles or handguns. Use the range when its not full of people shooting,take a 22 rifle or handgun and let her ease her way into it. Its kind of like breaking a horse or training your retreiver not to be gun shy. Both of them have to be eased into things. Good luck!
take her to a safety course.i did that with her & my son.she was a bit leery of guns at she loves them & is very safe & competent with them.our course was 4 hours long.2 of that was on the shooting range itself.from a complete newbie to a confident woman.the instructor started her out on 2 different 22's.she was shooting her own springfield xdm-9 in no time at all.had a 4 inch grouping the whole time.then she shot my ruger lcp & then my s & w 686p .357 magnum.
try taking her to a few gun shops , let her touch & get the feel for a few different to the other lady customers.she will be fine with the proper instuction & your son & u as her mentor's.
I took my wife, who had never fired a weapon of any sort, to a 5-day defensive handgun course in Nevada (Frontsight). She had a blast, literally! She now has CCW permits and carries XD 9mm. Prior to this, she would never accompany me to the range. Now, she loves to go.

So, I don't know if we husbands are the best way to introduce our wives to weaponry and self-defense issues. Frontsight did a great job (I'm sure other good shooting schools would do well, also) introducing her to shooting and self-defense and I know she was pleasantly surprised at meeting a lot of other women who were there. Cost a bit of money, but well worth it. Food for thought...
Bring her on a vacation to PRHI. There are a few ladies events that I have set up. She can have some fun shooting along side of other first time shooters.

Wife afraid of guns

Makes me wonder how old the wife is; and, whether or she was raised in a "gun free" home? Or, is it possible that it is a religious issue here..."sinful to shoot a gun at beings..."?

Just speculating, not criticizing... lol.
You cannot make her like shooting...

Better ear protection is a good idea. Shooting with other women is a good idea. Search for her a female mentor. Find her articles to read like these. Good luck. Tell her she can write to me anytime.
A year ago my wife was also afraid of guns. Since I CC and I also own hunting firearms I ask her to take a CC class. (Just to learn more about "gun safety".):smile:

After taking the CWP class she had a whole new outlook! :triniti:
NOW? She CC's every chance she gets; AND continues to take "Advanced" SD shooting classes.

In less than one year she has gone from AG to becoming an RSO and outshooting most men in our local club. (Including Me!):redface:

But it's all good; nothing but love! :kiss3: :man_in_love:

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