How I install velcro side saddles on my shotguns.


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This is how I attach velcro shotgun cards to my shotguns so as not to scratch up the receiver. I use the aluminum plate and screws from a tacstar side sattle kit and the screws. I throw the plastic shell holder in the garbage. I buy the rubber backer from cds tactical.

Step one Clean the front of the plate with rubbing alcohol and let it dry. Place the nut in the 2nd front hole as that's where it screws into the ejector on the mossbergs and retain it with the ejector screw

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Step 2 use industrial strength velcro and cut to dimensions of the out side of the plate.

Step three peel the baking off the velcro and attach it to the aluminum plate over top of the nut in the 2nd front hole and over the screw hole for the trigger screw.

Step 4 Flip the plate over and smooth it down to the surface with your fingers while using a heat gun on low or a hair dryer to cure the glue.

Step 5 remove the screw and flip the plate over the nut should be retained by the velcro. Clean the back of the plate with rubbing alcohol and let it dry.

Step 6 lay the backside of the plate on the rubberized backer pad on the non sticky side and trace the plate with a chalk pencil.

Step 7 clean the excess chalk off the edges of the plate with rubbing alochol.

Step 8 cut the rubber backer down to the dimensions of the plate, peel the backing off and stick it on.

Step 9 smooth the rubber backer out with your fingers as you use a heat gun on low or a hair dryer to cure the glue on the rubber backer.

Step 10 poke a hole in the 2nd front hole with a little tool of some kind to mark it. Use a box cutter or exacto knife to cut the rubber around the hole. Use the tip of the blade to peel it up and away. Now you have your front hole done.

Step 10. Poke a hole in the rear hole with the tool and then use the box cutter to cut around that hole. Take the edge of the blade and peel the rubber off. Now you have your back hole.

To reinstall put the ejector screw in first then put the plate on and over the screw. Hold the plate tight to the receiver and tighten the ejector screw until snug (DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN).

The plate is now retained. Slide the back of the plate slightly out of the way and start screwing the rear screw in. Screw it in until it is just slightly through the other side. Lift the plate up and onto the screw making sure its aligned with the rear hole. Finish tightening the screw until it's flush with the receiver.

Test for function to make sure the front and rear screw are not binding up the gun. If not you're good to go.

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