How do you store your handguns?

Other Options!

For you folks that think you can not afford a gun safe, consider an unused soft drink machine. They can be found everywhere in the country for little if any cost, many people will give it to you if you will haul it away. Take out the racks and the compresser, and line the inside with plywood covered with carpet, and you have a lockable gun safe that most burglers will not even notice. It can be kept in the garage, or storage area, and most people will never suspect what is inside. It is also a good climate controlled space to keep your bulk ammo. All locked up but easily accessable.:rolleyes:

Great idea. Great disguise. and you could even add fireproofing before the carpet finish.

Nice tip, thanks.

spc :)

BTW,, I favor the fireproof gun safe for my storage. Our local is very dry and no problems are apparent up here.
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