How Do You Feel About Palin?

Want to let them know how you feel about Sarah Palin? Vote in the poll:

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Piece Corps

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I like her, and hope she comes back in 2012. I think she has some growing to do, but asleep she's got more smarts than Obama. Give her time to mature in the political arena, and I think she could kick some serious booty!


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49% positive, 6% mixed. Not to bad. She would be far better than what we have now. Then again a spotted dog would be better than what we have now.

Red Hat

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Still at 49%. I'll take her over anything we have now!

I have a very positive opinion. I hope she returns to politics. 49%
I have mixed feelings. She's talented but flawed. 6%
I have a very negative opinion. I hope she does not return to politics. 44%
Not sure/No opinion. 1%


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Hmmm... Either not many folks are voting, or something is odd. The results you had, Red Hat, and HK4U are still what mine said(?).

Red Hat

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I think that a lot of people are voting on this poll. One vote won't change the percentage if there are a lot of votes.
I do hope she returns to politics. However, I think she needs alot of work and needs to get out of the light for a while if she is going to return. I do have faith in her. I think the media made her out to be worse than she actually was, however I think she would be doing better than our current administration. I think she needs to focus on some things if she is going to return. Someone else on here said they would like to see Huckabee/Palin in 2012, I don't think that would be such a bad idea. I think Huckabee is very intelligent and he is someone I would vote for. If Palin does do some turning around and does focus on some of her weak points, who knows, maybe she will run for President. Not too sure what the future holds, all I know is I am already fed up with this current administration.



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What's your opinion of Sarah Palin?

I think she's hot. Oh, and I'd vote for her as well. I do think there are a few better choices out there, like Buchanan, Gingrich and Norris, but I like what she stands for.

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