How do you carry?

How do you carry

  • In waist band (IWB) holster

    Votes: 55 61.1%
  • Out of waist band (OWB) holster

    Votes: 44 48.9%
  • Pocket holster

    Votes: 24 26.7%
  • Shoulder holster

    Votes: 8 8.9%
  • Ankle holster

    Votes: 5 5.6%
  • Bag or other accessory

    Votes: 8 8.9%
  • Other (not listed above)

    Votes: 5 5.6%

  • Total voters
How I carry my Bersa.

I'm just starting to carry again after 10 years of not carrying. IN law is "silent" on Concealed or Open Carry, but the Local LEOs have stated Concealed is preferred.

I tried IWB with an Uncle Mike's Holster, but don't feel secure with it, and have moved to an OWB Link Removed.

I carry a Link Removed and finding a holster designed for it is difficult, so I bought the Link Removed for a Link Removed because it seemed to fit ok. However, once I tried it out in a carried draw, I found it fit too tightly and had to fight to pull my gun out of the holster. So I soaked the holster in water, oiled up my gun, put it in the holster, and let the holster dry. Now it fits like a glove... Nice easy, smooth draw.

In either case, because of the Local LEOs, I wear an un-tucked shirt to cover it. An IWB would be preferable for better concealment as the barrel sometimes sticks out, but since IN law is "Silent" I'm not overly worried. And now that I know I can use the Springfield Holster with some work, I'll look for a leather IWB with a Thumb Retention.

My absolute preference would be OC because as far as I'm concerned, I would prefer people to KNOW I was armed. I think I understand the terminology of a 3 (4, etc) o'clock carry, and think the way I carry it would be best described as between a 4 and 5 o'clock carry (Let's call it 4:30 :biggrin:), once again to help conceal it. I would PREFER a 3 o'clock carry but that doesn't conceal as well.

Plus I carry an extra mag at 8 o'clock in a Link Removed that looks like it could be a knife case if anyone ever saw the bottom of it.

And Definitely, One in the Chamber! 7 + 1! If I ever really NEED IT, I don't think I'll have time to chamber a round.

I've got a Galco Fletch OWB holster when I want comfort and have appropriately baggy clothing. It's very nice. I got a MIC holster for my Glock when I want to stick it in the waistband and am not as concerned about comfort. That is an awesome holster and design. I'd recommend for anyone that wants a really quick way to conceal.
N82 IWB for my Kahr CM9. super comfy at 4o clock. Have taken a nap on couch forgetting it's on

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It really depends on my mood. Usually, I open carry a smaller auto and conceal the big one. (Reason being, I find it humorous how every once in a while someone calls 911 over my OC and then I show the cop the other one and have a barrel o laughs at the libtards expense.). Sometimes, I will carry 3. Once I concealed 4, but it was to win a $5 bet that I wouldn't print. Today, I went to the LGS to look at a Ruger and the tard at the counter mocked my P22 so I showed him my Judge. Lol he wasn't expecting that.

I got IWB, OWB, pocket holsters, hidden pockets, a laptop case with a built in holster, a few ankle holsters.
IWB @ 4:00. I carry either a Witness P Compact 45, or a Sig P229 40. Both are carried in Tommy Theis IWB holsters. Both are very comfortable and offer easy access!
J frame in the front pocket, model 10 snubbie @ 1:30 owb, but concealed under a jacket or untucked shirt. I guess that would be aowb.
Full size PX4, IWB at 1:30 (strong side) under a shirt. Usually wearing 511 or Propper tactical pants with extra mag in mag pocket.

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